UFO BREAKING NEWS!! Ancient ruins Discovered in Mars Decembe

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PostThu Dec 13, 2012 5:11 am » by Willease

Lifeoutthere wrote:
WillEase666 wrote:
WillEase666 wrote:

But there are ways around being blocked...


No doubt he will remove it too.
I hate people who post videos they know are deceptive.
In fact, this should be moved to hoaxes and disinformation because I have clearly proved it is just that.

AGAIN my comment was removed and blocked. Anyone wanting to shed the light of truth will be removed and blocked. Why? Because he knows it would expose him for deliberately lying.

No the problem is that u are an arrogant person. First Im not English so I for sure my spell isn't great. So why to input in my video. Before attempting another video check ur spell???. Why don't u send me an Inbox?? and I may check next time. Hold on ,u love the attention so I would treat u as a child.
Second I didn't deleted the scale, u small minded person I just took the snap shoot and It came out like that, I gave the original link in description so anyone can check the full info and original picture, so no one is hiding anything here.
And third and most. Maybe to you something far and big maybe is worth ur consideration but smaller and closer then is a hoax?? I guess in ur hole life u will never think outside the box. You are a close minded person, I read most on ur comments and non of them are constructive and you come across quiet rude most of the times. The reason you are blocked isn't ur message but the way u did it.
I guess with people like u earth should stay flat and in the centre of the universe.
Regards, I hope one day ur mind expand ,maybe that would help the world to be a nicer place.

Nothing I posted here or on your Youtube channel was rude or uncalled for. You asked for our opinion.
Blocking my comment just shows that you are deliberately trying to prevent people from knowing the truth. There's nothing inside or outside the box that justifies that.
By all means, seek out anomalies. I've spent way more than my fair share of time pursuing the same things. Maybe the things you pointed out are in fact structures...home to little tiny martians. Is that outside the box enough for you?


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