UFO hovering with beam of light shoots out possible orbs?

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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 10:40 pm » by bugmenot

UFO hovering with beam of light shoots out possible orbs? December 27th 2009 :alien: http://www.examiner.com/x-8698-Sacramen ... -27th-2009

Upload to Disclose.tv

A possible UFO was caught on camera hovering over a rural area of Belfast. This covert display included beams of light and what looks to be "ORBS" shooting out from the primary object. What ever this strange object was we felt compelled enough to send this footage along to our readers for analysis. Note: The object in question that seems stranger then the rest is towards the later part of the footage. What do you think?
Below is the comment which accompanied the footage. Have at it.

"In this video you will see all raw footage from when i hit the record button until i stopped recording. This is unedited apart from the writing to explain what i was seeing. Hopefully you will see the beam in this footage, but i am going to do an edited version to try and show it better. The main UFO was there for 8 - 10 minutes, and the ''thing'' that flies from under the beam was a pure W.T.F!, I still don't know what it was."

"All footage filmed in Belfast at 8pm facing south, the UFO was going from east to west."

http://www.examiner.com/x-8698-Sacramen ... -27th-2009 :alien:

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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 11:41 pm » by Alexrubic

I'm guessing that this was a helicopter - probably a police helicopter (hence the odd manoeuvres and searchlight beam directed at the ground). It is interesting to note he mentions a change in colour (to red) when the craft changes direction: from left to right to right to left. This was likely due to the port (red) navigation light now facing the cameraman. The flashing light appears to be the strobe anti-collision light.

The anticollision light is usually on the top of the vertical
fin, but can be on top or the bottom of the aircraft.
There are
no hard and fast rules on color, position, flash rate, etc. The
anticollision light can be red or white; strobe or rotating
light; any placement where it can be seen.

The position lights are placed where they can best be seen;
at least one green light on the right side, a red light on the
left side, and a white light on the tail.

On the 222, the position lights are on the sponsons, and the
anticollision light is on top of the vertical fin.

On the AS350, IIRC the position lights are on the horizontal
stabilizer, and the anticollision light is on the top of the
vertical fin.

The anticollision lights vary, but strobes are becoming the
usual method, because the old Grimes rotating lights are just
too unreliable. The color is red or white, it doesn't matter.

From a forum on building model helicopters

I often see the police helicopter doing similar manoeuvres where I live including the searchlight beam striking the ground.

The object that seems to shoot out of the bottom of the beam might just be car lights on a road that is not visible due to what appears to be fog or mist on the horizon. It may be that it was the vehicle being 'chased' or under surveillance by the police helicopter.

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PostTue Dec 29, 2009 12:19 am » by bugmenot





there's definately an object that moves of to the right weird :alien:
maybe its a helicopter tracking a ufo

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