UFO Watches Cops Run Down Suspect

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PostMon Sep 23, 2013 11:35 pm » by Temps13

I wasn't sure where to post this..its interesting as a case of pigs running people down in their squad cars in & of itself,but its really a ufo vid..
Anybody think this could be a drone? it seems to back up,hover etc..probably one of those quadcopters of something..

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More on this vehicular homicide..

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PostTue Sep 24, 2013 12:45 am » by RATRODROB

Fck the UFO, I reacon its a cockroach or other BUG on the windscreen, what about the cop pursuing this guy the way he did over a fckn seatbelt violation, WTF.

If I were being chased by them arseholes, id run too cause you know what may happen if they catch you, even if you aint committed a crime, just being a suspect is cause for them to attack you and make unrealistic and unreasonable demands on you.

The courts arnt the only ones dishing out the punishment, there supposed to be, but the cops dish out their own, (which is not their role) whilst claiming they had no choice for what ever stupid reason.

some fckn do gooders will say that you shouldn't run from the police, but instead give in to their demands, even if those demands are outrageous.
Ive seen pregnant woman, wheelchair bound people, the elderly and kids totally violently abused physically and with spray and tasers and shot for doing fck all wrong except to question why the police are
using unreasonable demands on them for petty situations, even a parking violation.

Don't one of you fckn do gooders try and tell me that this cop needed to run this guy down, don't one of you fckn do gooders try and tell me that this cop couldn't help it, fck off, it were deliberate, maybe not to kill but he meant to hit him and hard.

THATS NOT THE FCKN POLICE,S ROLL TO BRUTALLY AND SADISTICALLY TAKE PEOPLE DOWN FOR DOING SWEET FCK ALL, at that stage it were only a seat belt violation, but because the guy , GOD FORBID, tried to escape, the cops think they can use whatever force they want.

if this bloke were known to have just committed a rape, a murder, a violent robbery or were a OBVIOUS THREAT to the public or the police, then going after someone with vigour and conviction can be justified, it still don't justify deliberately running them over like that, there are other ways to track people down for capture, police dogs, choppers with infra red cameras, police on foot, and good ole police work.

fck this shit, if this guy ended up being known as a real bad dude, the peeps will say that he probably deserved it in the end and good riddance to him, how ever the degree to which the cops pursued him and ultimately his murder were committed without even knowing if he had done anything really bad, or if he were running simply because he were just scared or thought he could escape a minor conviction on something.
What ever the case, if we say its ok for the police to use these sorts of tactics to get their man, then don't fckn whinge about the coming (or already here) police state in the US.

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PostTue Sep 24, 2013 7:11 am » by Cia212

That Kristin is pretty cute.

As for the dead guy, there's got to be more to this story. People don't run to avoid a seatbelt ticket.

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PostTue Sep 24, 2013 12:33 pm » by Kinninigan


Now the aliens even know how screwed up our planet is!

I just hope no alien diplomat comes in contact with any police these days, the cops would shoot and tazer the alien then arrest it for resisting arrest

Then the aliens would come save their friend and it would be the end of earth...

Guess police departments dont think about this kind of stuff.....



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