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PostFri Jan 17, 2014 8:32 am » by missamandamanhattan

Has anyone else noticed the slow leak of news articles into the mainstream news and also the (seemingly) increased volume of news articles about the Government in cahoots with the Visitors. I speak of the time frame of say the past twelve months - slow leak - not overt.

It just seems to me - after several years of serious interest and research with regard to all subjects Exopolitical - that it is not just articles about landings, sightings, contact or experience but the Government is being knitted into the article as well.

I know that there have been loads of articles about Operation Paperclip and loads of articles about Roswell and other high interest specific incidents. I see the article about Snowden leaking documents about the government alien agenda - here and other websites and it just seems to me that there is a slow leak of these type of news articles.

Then I think of the agenda - that an alien invasion is the last card of the illuminati. Is the cabal/illuminati/whatever gradually putting their last card into place? Just remember that the awakened will see the clues and the sleepers will have it wash over them before they realise.

I also knit into my own thinking and research the fact that all over the world people are standing up to the elite. Whether it is about money and banks or governments and war or whatever - when you weed out the psy ops - there are still a lot of people, sometimes en masse and sometimes not.

Just feels like the cabal/illuminati/whatever are aware that people are waking up - standing up and speaking out - maybe they are rattled and they are providing a slow leak of information to provide the basis for the last card scenario. Things that make you go hmmmm....

Just my thoughts - you can agree or disagree - just a theory based on my observations and instincts.

Much Peace...

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PostFri Jan 17, 2014 1:20 pm » by theegle

I fully agree with... :pray: They are preparing people telling them that we are not alone. The vast cabal "mistake" is that they have not found a short time ... eheheh. The truth is we've been invaded there 12,500 years whether or not they like it ... after destroying us made ​​us a kind of BACKUP and BACKUP that robbed us all the knowledge we had before. Churches, governments and secret societies know this and it's all hidden since the beginning of humanity today. It is clear that the word of God, that the Bible, is being implemented because the secret sociadades are fulfilling these plans .... There is no God Gods and they control our planet. Do not be shocked is that they have cities under us .... this class chose the best place to live is underground. :alien:

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PostFri Jan 17, 2014 3:04 pm » by Rich316

Remove the snowden stuff, that's completely fake, he never said anything and until he does, don't believe it.

If they do tell us anything about aliens, it will be a man made lie.. will aliens be the 'new enemy' that is the question.

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