UFOs, ghosts, zombies feature in calls to Humberside Police

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UFOs, ghosts and zombies feature in bizarre 999 calls to Humberside Police

BIZARRE calls to police about paranormal goings on, including witches and zombies, have been made by fearful residents in East Yorkshire.

Humberside Police have received 28 calls about UFOs, two about ghosts, two relating to zombies and one call each for a warlock and a witch in the past five years.

But the figures have alarmed paranormal investigators who say these types of reports aren't a job for the police.

Psychic Steve Kneeshaw, from Most Haunted Nites, said: "People ringing the police for things like ghosts seems a bit pointless and bonkers to me.

"It is a difficult situation because, obviously, people would only ring 999 if they didn't know what to do.

"Perhaps they panicked?

"Most ghosts aren't hostile or threatening, but their appearance can be quite alarming for some.

"I'd recommend if they didn't know what to do, they should get in touch with a paranormal investigator."

One 76-year-old caller from Hull rang police to say she had seen two ghosts outside her property.

Another Hull resident said in a call: "I've seen a woman walking around the street and into people's gardens.

"She appears to have a knife and she is walking like a zombie."

In 2009, a caller from Cottingham phoned to report a UFO. The caller said they had seen an object in the sky changing colour.

The sighting lasted about 30 minutes.

A caller from Beverley reported seeing 17 UFOs heading towards Catterick.

She said: "One by one, they went over the house, then another seven came up from Leven and then disappeared, possibly in the clouds.

"My partner also saw the objects.

"There were lots of lights, red and green, I don't know what shape they were."

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: "Every call we get is judged on its own merits and a suitable level of investigation is carried out before the log is closed on completion.

"In regards to UFOs, calls are reported to the Aviation Authority to make them aware.

"As we do not have any comparative data for other force areas, it would be inappropriate to speculate whether Humberside Police consider the number of paranormal-type calls to be high."

The figures, obtained from calls made since 2007, did not include any reports of vampires.

:arrow: http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/news/gonna-999/article-3608668-detail/article.html

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