UFOs, 'visitors' linked to soul, afterlife, says whitley

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UFOs, 'visitors' linked to soul, afterlife, says author
http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/109678 :alien: :alien:

(This article originally appeared on the Transcendent TV & Media site.)

Writer Whitley Strieber states in his July 6, 2009, online journal that unconventional extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional "visitors" sometimes are accompanied by humans who have previously passed on.

He writes, " ... Anne and I used to have large groups to our cabin in upstate New York, and the visitors would often show up, and, as often, so would the dead."

Strieber also notes, "It is an ordinary part of the close encounter experience for people to see the dead in the company of the grays, and usually they appear to be just as real as any physical being."

"As an example, once there were grays in the living room with a group of about six people, while four others in the basement below were finding themselves having an encounter with a friend who had died in the Mexico City earthquake of 1985," Strieber claims.

"Another time, a woman who'd had a fully conscious close encounter with a gray the night before met her brother, who had been dead for more than twenty years, on the road in front of the house," he says.


Strieber has often pointed out in his books and other writing that he feels that these unconventional visitors have something to do with the human soul. In other words, the visitors move in the very deep levels of human consciousness and existence.

What are the implications of Strieber's thoughts on these concepts and how are they related to our current understanding and knowledge?

In many of his books, such as the widely-read COMMUNION (1987), as well as MAJESTIC (1989), Strieber has made reference to the human soul and how he feels this is part of unconventional contact with mysterious beings from – somewhere.

So, the idea that our friends and loved ones who have passed on might still exist in some other dimension, and that these alleged visitors can access this realm, is fairly consistent with Strieber's past positions.

Current scientific theories about the structure and function of the Universe, including ideas about a multiverse of different dimensions, also seem to have common denominators with Strieber's views.

We could theorize that what we call "Heaven," the "Afterlife" or many other names, is another dimension of some kind that exists somewhere in the mysterious physics of our Universe or multiverse.

Strieber and others have indicated that they believe some unconventional visitors can move in and out of these dimensions.

Human folklore and spiritual or metaphysical beliefs have also included stories of angels and loved ones who have passed on occasionally moving in and out of our dimension and the Heavenly dimension – and who knows where else?

Included in these perspectives is the belief or theory that angels and loved ones can remain invisible to us while watching over us. They can be very nearby, but seemingly far away. Once in a while, they might manifest themselves in unusual or mysterious ways that allow us to perceive or suspect their presence.

Strieber seems to agree with these ways of looking at the situation.


So, where is this all heading? Strieber also ventures a guess: "If the grays begin to approach more of us more closely, the first things we are going to notice will be two: 1) We will begin to see beyond the limits of what we now call reality; 2) As a result, we will perceive our dead as becoming part of the physical world."

He seems to be saying that there will be some kind of integration or interface between our more normal everyday consciousness with our deeper consciousness, or soul, and a deeper or different dimension that might blend with our own "reality."

Is Strieber saying that we can expect a merging of Heaven and Earth in some way? It seems so.

This is in the ballpark of some current theories in science. In these views, interesting non-material levels of reality and the Universe exist right alongside of our day to day lives. These other aspects of reality are within us and around us, though challenging to perceive and understand fully.

And, human consciousness is part of this natural system.

Could Strieber be on to something here? Will the day come when, as he says, "We will perceive our dead as becoming part of the physical world?"

And, will we mortal flesh-and-blood humans become more like some kind of spiritual quantum energy when the dimensions of Heaven and Earth are more fully integrated?

If Strieber is correct, these coming changes will be more unique and important than many people contemplate.

You can visit "Whitley's Journal" to read his entire essay. http://www.unknowncountry.com/journal/

NOTE TO READERS: For more information, visit the Joint Recon Study Group http://jointreconstudygroup.blogspot.com/ and Transcendent TV & Media http://tvtranscend.blogspot.com/sites and have a look around.

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PostSat Jul 11, 2009 11:30 am » by Drjones

Anything is possible i suppose.. :headscratch: :cheers:

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PostSat Jul 11, 2009 11:57 am » by Jackmfunion

Nice topic! Still waiting for the screenplay of his 'Greys' book, said on the back 'now being made into a major motion picture'. Hurry that shit along Whitley! :alien:

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PostSat Jul 11, 2009 4:05 pm » by TheDuck

Will make a good movie and yeh I'm with you Jones anything's possible :headscratch: :think:
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PostSun Jul 12, 2009 7:29 am » by Dstarmg123

I hope it gets turned into a movie, but personally I wouldnt want the idea that greys are the 'good guys' to become dogma across the land. Granted, we dont have evidence either way, but 95% of people who encounter greys usually are scared shitless when even mentioning the encounter and alot of them break down crying. We can feel each other's auras and emotions as well as frequency, so if the greys have good intention, then why have those who have encountered them fear for their lives? Evil is done in the dark guys. If a being is evolved spiritually you wouldnt be afraid of them, no matter how different they looked. You may become overwhelmed, but not afraid.

Now, that doesnt mean the greys cant move in and out of other dimensions(including the one deemed 'afterlife'), Im sure they artificially can,but thats not a big deal to me.

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PostSun Jul 12, 2009 7:36 am » by Daemonfoe

Most of the descriptions of the aliens in DMT trips don't really match how greys are described. :think:
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