Ugly fat people fearful for sex lives over Alcohol Prices

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PostFri Mar 30, 2012 7:00 pm » by Yuya63

We met some dude there that was mexican, he wanted to party with us. We went to a bar and he went missing. About a 1/2 hour later the police came storming in. They took me and my friend outside and cuffed us. Niether of us spoke spanish, so we had no ideal what was happening. So a couple of the hookers were talking to the cops and pointing at us. After a short time, the cops uncuffed us. One of the girls spoke enough english to explaine to us that the guy we came in with punched a hooker in the mouth because she would'nt let him give her anal. I was only like 19 at the time, young n dumb i was. I was so drunk, i dont remember much. Next thing i knew, i was wakeing up with my face in the sand and a splitting headache. I still had my cash and my junk was'nt crusty. So i figure i made it without haveing to worry about std's. We thanked the girls and bought breakfast. Lobster and eggs, mmmm. Twice i spent several hours in jail Tijuana for peeing in an alley. No biggy. Ahhh, the good ol' days. Not trying to derail this post, sorry.

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PostSun Sep 01, 2013 10:34 pm » by blackkitty

ha ha :lol: :lol: :clapper:

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PostMon Sep 02, 2013 12:09 am » by 2020

I am truly gutted about deleting my 2020vision account, that was a fun post! hehe

Note to oneself, i should post more.

Anyway here is the original source:

Enjoy :flop:


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