UK ganja idea

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PostFri Nov 26, 2010 3:53 am » by Offshooot

Now i'm fairly new here, but i wanna express my thoughts on the uk drug laws.

Now i smoke a fair bit of green, having been to amsterdam a few times, i love their way of life!

I would love their way of life over here, i would welcome it!

Your probably thinking cos just i smoke green i would want this...

...Well your halfway there! but think about it, if we could introduce hollands law of hard and soft drugs then we could cut out ALOT of drug dealers and have our tax money on police spent in better ways, esp on hard drugs! and to think of the tax they could make..

This WOULD work all over the world!

Well that statement may be bold and not a fact, as i agree some countrys it wouldnt have an affect on.

But where i live for example, s/e uk, everyone knows it should be 3.5/8th for 20quid but for an actual bit of decent green, ive been avg about 2,2g in which low dealing can be helpful and richful to them but horrid to the customer.

Meh, just my 2 pennies

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