UK TV license scam,let's fix it!!

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PostThu Feb 19, 2009 2:28 pm » by Needthetruth

Even if the BBC started advertising, hence no license , the goverment would bring in some made up tax to bring up the shortfall i.e poll tax now council tax..same difference

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PostThu Feb 19, 2009 4:09 pm » by Drjones

Just to say it is good to see more and more NEW members coming to this site...
:flop: :flop:

The will to change things really is not there at the end of the day....yet,this is NOT a UK problem...
Hey,i'm not thinking my petition is going to save the even get the support it needs to become successful...but it is my way of wanting change,it makes me feel better.
It's like if you dont like something what legally can you do without battering down the door of no-10 with a sawn off do that...anything else...I'll do that too.
I live in hope,that things will one day be honest and true... :cheers:

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PostMon Mar 09, 2009 7:15 pm » by Drjones

Three cheers for the BBC and the UKTV license....Hip,Hip......... :oops:
The price is GOING UP AGAIN,surely this cannot be :ohno: :oops: ... 23e80.html

Well i will not be paying this's a bloody joke :!:

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PostMon Mar 09, 2009 9:17 pm » by Crunchy

brothers wrote:What I don't understand is why do you people in the UK have to pay for a license to watch the telly. Do you also have to pay for your radios as well??? Also does anyone else in the world pay such taxes??? Here in the US we don't pay except perhaps to listen to all those lousy commercials we have. If the commercials pay to have them on your telly then why do you need a tax for have a telly. Doesn't many any sense. I get the feeling that you people are really taxed the the max on everything and losing all you freedoms that you great people once enjoyed. Shame that you are going down the tubes. Hope you people straighten it all out before it gets too late for you.

the license pays for the BBC (tv and radio) which has no advertising , that's why we have what is regarded as the best tv in the world ..... not really my opinion as i stopped watching tv many years ago. we dont need a license for radio ..... although we used to have to have a black and white license for radio but that was scrapped many years ago

there is one other country that has a tv licence .... i think its italy but dont hold me to that

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PostMon Mar 09, 2009 10:24 pm » by Towelie

I got a letter this morning a court summons, according to this letter someone knocked at my door last month and i answered but was unable to produce a Tv license, firstly no ones knocked at my door and ive got a Tv license. Its obviously just a mistake, but id love to know where they get the shite they spout on the adverts - weve got youre info crap, i had 2 licenses a while back as i pay my sisters with mine and they sent hers here aswell.
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