Universal Corruption Business Model

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After reading many books on conspiracies I find each industry has its own story. Behind every public handshake, there are private decision making infrastructures; the publicly taught system of business is very different to the private system. Reading the habits and wealth accumulation models of the Rothschilds and other similar families has led me to a strange yet logical conclusion. The most powerful people on the planet don't own anything in the sense that millionaires and billionaire's do or like the average person does. They started out that way but then they developed a way to control it instead. If one look's at who developed the modern day banking systems, stock market systems and industry standards for almost every major industry over time, you begin to see the same players using a universal model of set-up, take-over, consolidation and control.

Its known generally to be effective during acquisitions on the stock market of one company over another, or buying controlling shares in companies with similar invested interests. But this system can be adapted to other models such as law, corporation soles and corporation aggregates. The model can be scaled differently as you will see;

1st scale;
1. set-up company in industry
2. lobby for new industry standards in self interest
3. set-up new recognised office for standards by proxy
4. control industry regulation and revenue

2nd scale;
5. buy up competition company stock by proxy
6. consolidate companies and stock under a small number of companies
7. adapt from industry ownership to control
8. corner market

3rd scale;
9. replicate method to control all industries, markets, standards and regulation
10. control consumer opinion and product image
11. take over government offices and interests
12. rewrite laws to sustain control
13. consolidate ownership of natural resources and perpetuate dependency
14. enslave nation states

4th scale;
replicate method to control all nation states

5th scale;
control the world

You see if you own the printing, legislature and public and private markets, you win every time, you risk nothing and the business model is perpetual. A Rothschild was quoted as saying; own nothing, control everything.
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PostFri Nov 16, 2012 4:09 am » by 99socks

Yep..... The ones who win, win because they control. Everyone else just gambles.

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