UPDATE Cheney head of Executive Assassination Ring

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PostFri Mar 13, 2009 12:26 am » by Towelie

Its amazing what we allow our "leaders" to do, they do what ever they want and most people couldnt care less aslong as it doesnt directly effect them.

Its the lack of action against these "people" that will disgust me most, as we all know there will be no punishment whatsoever for this.
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PostFri Mar 13, 2009 12:45 am » by Spock

It may be a bit more complex than the article states. It happens under all administrations. Sometimes, it's a more evil intent than others, such as the assasinations covered up under the Clinton administration; Vince Foster, James McDougal, Ron Brown, Mary Mahoney, Victor & Montgomery Raiser, Paul Tulley, Ed Willey and MANY more. Heres a link if you feel like investigating a Democrat...


Other "assassinations" occur, not to hide the President from anything, but to ensure peace. Which to me is ESPECIALLY scarey in this Obama presidency.

George W. Bush is NOT our devil. If anyone thinks he snatched our constitutional rights away from us because of the Patriot Act, think again - that was produced to keep us safe. Our current President hasn't even talked about the Patriot Act, because he wants to use it to find Americans that are against his agenda and label them Terrorists.

Many will say, giving up rights for safety is a fallacy (when we talk about the Patriot Act), but ask yourself, is information not knowledge? And who in their right mind would not use available means to know when an enemy is going to attack you and kill your children?

Of course there is an Executive Hit Ring. There is in Every country.

The target - that is the question.
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PostFri Mar 13, 2009 12:52 am » by Spock

slushpup wrote:The irony is the guy that threw the shoe at Bust got three years in Prison just today..

I'm glad he got 3 years. He was most likely a Baathist, missing his parties brutal control of the country, or has been in a western culture and naively believes his ancient culture can achieve the same success. Regardless - he has 3 years to write his manifesto.

Guess what Iraq - you get your country back - very soon!!!! And I can't wait for all the bitching people.

The only reason we are leaving 50,000 is to man the missile shields in place. Other than that - keep your republic if you can.
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.

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PostFri Mar 13, 2009 1:05 am » by Spock

Wow - I got off subject.

The truth is. I am completely terrified for the good families and people of Iraq when the troops move out. All most people over there want is peace and tranquility.

Their lifestyle is different, customs are different, but they seek the same thing we all do. Peace.
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.

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PostSat Apr 04, 2009 9:21 pm » by Hesop

If "turning this country around" is Obama's priorities, then it must be made clear, that infractions by the Bush administration can ever be allowed to happen again, and that to see certain, charges must be brought against those responsible. I am speaking of subverting our constitution, and the claims of over-extended executive privledge that were used to circumvent oversight by congress. And anything else they were responsible for.

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PostSat Apr 04, 2009 10:06 pm » by Drextin

One of the best discussions I've had on the whole secret government thing was this plausible idea of why this and other info was being made public.

The theory we came up with goes like this.

W and crew were charged with the task of making the first move towards the master plot. Remember now that the whole NWO thing really took off after the first gulf war when daddy Bush was prez. Well W being the screwup that he is failed like he has failed at everything else in his life and is now being punished by all this disclosure of his internal policies. Also of note is the fact that daddy wanted Jeb to be prez not W. He had a point.

Nixon the most corrupt president(that we know of) got a pardon. Sure it was by his vice president but no other president has disputed it. A president does not go after the one before once he is in office. Kinda professional courtesy thing.

So following up on the theory Obama would be a reboot of the plan. He will do nothing but put us at ease until the next guy who can get the job done that W couldn't is elected.

We theorized that at some point to save the Bush family name W would have to be killed. There would be no way we would elect say Jeb if by the off chance W might want to give him some advice. Jeb has been groomed W was not. Look how Jeb was able to give his brother Florida when Gore had all but won outright. Plus in death we tend to forgive a lot of sins so the Bush family would be given new life. Since Daddy is so entrenched in the blackop world we figured it would be his duty to thin the heard so to speak to right the wrong his son did.

is any of the above true? Nah but the plausibility factor of some of it really intrigued me and got the juices flowing. Even the people I discussed it with were surprised I entertained the idea. I'm not above theorizing anything I just got to have something that makes sense in the real world. Because no matter how strange or out there something is it still has to be real world applicable. The world isn't just gonna change into some b movie thriller.
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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 6:48 pm » by Darkplanet

Everything points to an internal "shadow government" war between two rival parties. The Republican party was clearly infiltrated by members of what many would call the NWO years ago. All you have to do is look at the history of their policy making decisions and the ensuing fallout from an administration that did everything it could to run the country into the ground. These guys were never "for the people" and almost every policy they ever set or Bill they argued for was counter to true freedom and security. Now they have flipped the world on its head trying to sell the meme that they in fact are "the good guys". Bizarre.

There is an extremely high volume of misinformation being pushed out to "conspiracy" circles these days, in an attempt to blur the line between the people fighting for you and the people fighting against you. The more we as a group consider both parties to be part of the same NWO conspiracy, these easier it will be for them to regain control in 4 years time and finish the job they started.

Always look at the group who is screaming the loudest, listen to what they are saying and then get to the core facts (not from op-ed sites but from the core source). If someone is arguing over a Bill for example, don't go to your favorite mouthpiece to read about it, READ THE FREAKIN BILL! More often than not, the screaming is the worst kind of backwards spin, completely contrary to the facts. Artful disinformation coming from the mouths of the people who really developed the concept. The agenda here is pretty clear and "they" are using every dirty trick in their playbook to attempt to regain relevance.

Long story short, if you really want this world to end in an artificial biblical apocalypse...just vote for the Republicans next time around. They only need one more term to finish the job.

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PostMon Apr 06, 2009 7:25 pm » by Spock

Darkplanet - I have to say that was a very nice job of having your party skirt all responsibility and blame while at the same time trying to use a scare tactic to sway opinion against the opposing party. With the insinuation your side doesn't practice that sort of behavior.

Ever noticed when a democrat loses a close race they cry conspiracy?

As far as reading bills - how many in the current administration read the bailout. None! It was passed through way to quickly...
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Your whole post can be summarized very quickly. People are stupid (anyone that votes republican), Republicans started all the mess and can't wait to get back into office to bring forth Armageddon, only a righteous loving liberal philosophy can lead us into the promised land.

That is status quo regardless of what side of the isle you stand on. It goes both ways.

It was Mr. Clinton that sent our jobs overseas and of course started NAFTA. If our jobs hadn't gone overseas America would be more than just an overtaxed service industry today.

I'll give yea credit though - I think you're half right. Both parties are at fault and I would say that is initiated by not having term limits, and too many lobbyists and too many perks once in office.

I really think that is the cause of all my frustration with government. It's the career politicians that stay in so long only to pander to the needs of the lobby that props them up. How can we, democrat or republican or whatever, possibly stick to one side when it seems to be both that is making a mockery of our system.

The only time real change can happen is when the people can come together and put their mind to standing behind the constitution, and not "interpreting it". Interpret is lawyer jargon for mangle.
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.

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