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So I have a friend who lives in Alexandria, Egypt, who says that the internet was cut back on a little more than 24 hours or more ago. Apparently he's alright, he says that the people are mostly protecting each other there. I asked him about any anti-American sentiment, he said that they'd more than likely protect you than turn on you if you were there in the streets with them. They are however fully aware of how the states have been backing Mubarak. And I just wanted to get his perspective on what is going on, instead of trusting what the almighty media is saying:

1. He says they don't plan on stopping until Mubarak completely exits his office, and they won't settle for Omar Suleiman. He says the generally accepted candidate is former UN official Mohamed ElBaradei.

2. He doesn't want the Muslim Brotherhood to take over, even though he's muslim himself.

3. He hasn't heard anything about the "Shoot to kill" orders Mubarak supposedly gave the troops. (http://www.infowars.com/mubarak-gives-a ... ill-order/) He says that the military have mostly been positive towards the protesters.

4. Most of the clashes have been against the police. Although, he says they've completely burned down all the police stations in Alexandria and Suez, and only a few still remain in Cairo.

5. The situation isn't diffusing or calming down, unlike what certain Fox news anchors would have you believe. One of my favorite things he said to me last night was "Mubarak is the only one that stays home during the curfew."

6. They plan on marching on Mubarak on Friday (2/4/11) if he hasn't stepped down by then.

It was fascinating talking to him. To think for the past 2-3 years he was just another online friend who lived an ocean away, to now he's a revolutionary fighter. This average guy I knew, I found myself humbled by. I told him that America should be doing the same, before it arrives where Egypt was; but I also added: Americans are not as courageous as the Egyptians are.
“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.” -Employing Dante's words, Martin Luther King, Jr.

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