US Army Motion Sickness Preventive

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An interesting story about Motion Sickness Preventive used during the D-Day.


First i stumbled upon this post :

Hello, Dustin!

Interesting item! I own a box of "Motion Sickness Preventive" tablets too!
Until recently they were unopened and contained six tablets. Because of all the controversy about its effects in combat, I wanted to know their contents. Neither the box nor the black wrapper reveal the 'ingredients'.
Therefor I removed one tablet and had it analyzed by one of the top forensic toxocological experts in the field.
I have posted the results on my website: Battle Relic File # 7
Dustin, I am trying to collect as much information about these tablets.
Could you please tell me from what document exactly you have quoted your text about the packaging?

Thank you very much!
Have a very Happy 2008, all!

Battle Detective.

And this is from Battle Detective's site :


We have established that the Motion Sickness Preventive tablets issued to the US Army paratroopers who jumped in the night before D-day, did not contain Dramamine.
Instead, they contained a barbiturate which, in quantities as high as the contents of two of the standard boxes issued to these troops (a total of 12 tablets), can be deadly.
It also contained substances that can easily be taken in an overdose causing deliriums or impairing the speech.
When digested in the amount of the content of one box (six tablets) it will at least have effects that are undesirable to men in combat, who have to be alert when dropped behind enemy lines during the night.
Also, the instructed dose on the tablets' package is not generally suitable to all users, as various circumstances can influence the effects of the tablets.
In worst scenario's, the tablets will cause combat ineffectiveness.
It is highly questionable if the U.S. Army has conducted sufficient research prior to giving the manufacturing contract to the pharmaceutical company and before issuing these tablets to paratroopers.

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