US Courts Legalize CIA Abduction And Torture

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PostThu Sep 09, 2010 12:41 pm » by Icarus1

sieg heil sieg heil sieg heil.........................
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PostThu Sep 09, 2010 3:37 pm » by Godsofatlantis

Is that a real organisation?

Dosn't look like a document from the high courts, and I don't see any video evidence either. Please remember it is very easy to forge anything these day's including documents like these. Don't be too quick to trust anything like this.

This is exactly the stuff "certain people" would want you to believe in order to create chaos, distruction, and hatred towards to the government, and in the end another "fake" revolution. Which I think is what is happening right now.

Be causious my friend. People on here will post all kinds of bullshits, to get cash or hits or be popular for the sake of being popular.

Trust your instricts, trust yourself, think for yourself.

Gods of atlantis out.
Remember folks if you want to block post's from known disinfo or wacko's go to the friends and foe's section of the control panel.

In no time you won't have to sort out through all that crap they post.

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