US EU: GENERALIZED CONFISCATION of private property imminent

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The so called "western democracies" or "free world", are now totally controlled by the illuminati.
Yet until 2013 they didn't dare demolish the principle that private property is untouchable, with the exception that owners can be forced to sell in case of public interest, like building a road.

April 2013, CYPRUS: unprecedented confiscation of private assets in the "free world": 40% of ALL deposits above 100,000.
Accordingly to the illuminati religion's principle of "openly tell it to the human cattle", days later the European Union gov announces that similar measures might be passed in the future in other states.

April 2013, PORTUGAL: unprecedented confiscation of private assets in the "free world": ALL land within 50 meters from the Atlantic Ocean and 30 meters from a river or lake
Portugal has more than 2,000 km atlantic coast, including the archipels of Madeira and Azores, that make the portuguese maritime waters the largest in Europe, more than 1 million square kms.
Some of the mildest oceanfront in the world are the south coasts (Algarve, Arrábida, Madeira and some of the Azores) as well as the peninsula of Troia.
Prices for the sq meter between Lagos and the spanish border or at Troia range from 700€ to 3000€ per square meter, or up to 50 times more than if the plot is 1 km from the ocean.

Unprecedented Confiscation in the "free world" packaged as illuminati joke
The core of the joke is not to package the confiscation as a request to owners to prove the impossible (1).
It core of the joke is to package the first generalized confiscation of property as a demand to prove ownership.
In other words: from now on at any moment the illuminati can declare void ANY property title.
Reduced: the foundation of the free world, the principle that private property is sacred, is rewritten from one day to the other as "ANYONE can be stripped at ANY moment from ANY property title".

Next step: GREECE
Greece has 32,000 km coast, more coast with mediterranean climate than ALL other EU states and the US combined (2).
This said, it's not difficult to guess what the next move will be.

(1) Owners must prove that their land was privately owned 150 years ago.
This is impossible because property registers were restarted in 1920, discarding previous entries of changes in ownership. ... id=3441407 ... 07&act=url

(2) Portugal and Spain's atlantic islands (Azores, Madeira and Canaries) not included.

LINK between CONFISCATION (weapons before deposits and real estate) and Nobel "Peace" Prize 2013 - ATTENTION NOT a JOKE ... 381052/pg1

Sovereign Debt HOAX and Deposits and Pension Funds confiscation: PUTIN replaced by imposter the KEY to WHY start 2011 in Greece 2013 in Cyprus ... 376212/pg1

Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Russia "govs":
END TIME UNDENIABLE PROOF: Almost *** ALL *** world "govs" are DELIBERATELY working overtime to DESTROY their own people ... 376220/pg1

Talk of stripping private property and Portugal: more illuminati jokes: "privatization" or how the illuminati named the transfer of public assets to their safes.
Climax of the joke: power supplier EDP, the chicken laying golden eggs among state companies supplying the basic public services and filling the state safes: ... 376776/pg1
... "privatized" by "selling" it to ... the Communist Party of China: ... 306502/pg1

China Illuminati puppets masscre dozens of slaves owned by Apple / Foxconn - Differences to Bangladesh slaves owned by Walmart and US slaves before citizens disarmed

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