US Fed beats up Australian MP

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Just found this on my local news site here in Oz.

Bloody mongrels think they own the joint! I hope they find him and give him a good kick up the arse!

A NSW state Labor MP was bashed in a fast-food carpark by an American man, who witnesses say had a gun and identification saying he was a US secret agent.

Blacktown MP Paul Gibson says he was in "la-la land" after the punch-up, which erupted after a man of African-American appearance helped him park his car at a McDonald's outlet in Thornleigh in Sydney's northwest around 3pm on Sunday.

The man became angry, accusing Mr Gibson of running over his foot and after a short argument assaulted him.

"He king-hit me in the back," Mr Gibson, 66, said on Wednesday after NSW police released video footage of the assailant.

"He threw me up into the air, speared me into the bonnet of a four-wheel-drive, apparently. Then he got me again.

"I had his head between my legs and (he) speared me into the road," he told Fairfax radio.

Then there was a bizarre twist. Mr Gibson says a witness to the assault later told him the man was carrying a gun and claimed to be a US secret agent.

"People pulled him off me in the end and apparently one fellow came back to see me and said 'he's just showed me an ID which makes out he's a secret American agent'," he said.

"But he (the witness) said the worrying part about the whole lot was he opened his coat up and he's got a pistol. He's got a gun."

"I got out of there quickly because there were a lot of mums and dads and children about, and you shouldn't even see that in Australia, let alone at three o'clock on a Sunday afternoon."

Police said they believed the man was probably a tourist and there might be confusion over whether the witness actually saw a gun or a gun licence.

Mr Gibson said he didn't recall details of the assault.

"This is only what I've been told," he said.

"And I didn't feel any of the punches because I was virtually in la la land.

"The worrying part is I can vaguely hear him singing out, 'This is how we do it in America'."

Mr Gibson said the attack was "un-Australian".

"But three o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, going into a family restaurant, that sort of attack - it was unprovoked, not only was it unprovoked, but it was just totally cowardly and un-Australian."

However, Mr Gibson had earlier told News Ltd he was able to retaliate with a punch after people pulled his attacker off him, causing the assailant to bleed, telling him: "This is how we do it in Australia."

Mr Gibson suffered abrasions and bruising to his shoulders and ribs after being thrown against a parked four-wheel-drive vehicle and punched, police said.

Police on Wednesday released security camera photographs of the assailant, saying they want to speak to him.

He is described as 185-187cm tall, with a solid build, an acne-scarred complexion and hair styled in a crew cut.

He spoke with an American accent and was wearing dark-coloured clothing at the time of the incident. ... k-punch-up

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