USA / POLAND missle defense ww3

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Poland and the U.S. has agreed that a missile defense system would be placed in Poland.
Russia has made threats of Nuclear War if we attempt to construct a missle defense system in Poland, these threats are the strongest warning from Russia on record. Russia has begun it's rise back to power, and here we are watching it unfold. Iran / Russia what a horrible thing that is about to begin, could it be more obvious? Look at the things unfolding, We are in a stand off with Iran and it's stronghold political standing over Nuclear reactors. It just so happens we are in Iraq fighting a war over oil, and WOW! Iran has oil also. The best part of this is we are taking oil from the Caspian Sea which Russia is pissed about. So why this desire to control all oil on the planet, why do we want to cripple other countries?
Back to the missle system, the U.S. has stood firm and said they are placing the missle defense system in Poland and that decision will not change. So lets go to Georgia and set up camp next to Russia and claim it in the name of humanitarian aid. Does this look like it just might have been planned for a long time HMMM!

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PostFri Aug 15, 2008 8:45 am » by Isotrop

There is also a link to 2012:

The US signed an agreement with the Czech Republic in July to base tracking radars there as part of the missile defence system.

The US wants the sites to be in operation by about 2012.

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