utterly artificiual life form that can reproduce created

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making the same mistakes as we did in Atlantis...Atlantis is rising

"With this first synthetic bacterial cell and the new tools and technologies we developed to successfully complete this project, we now have the means to dissect the genetic instruction set of a bacterial cell to see and understand how it really works.”

This breakthrough research, which was published in the latest issue of Science, is the culmination of 15 years of research at J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) and cost of $40 million, noted Venter, who is founder and president of JCVI and senior author on the paper.

Daniel G. Gibson, Ph.D., who is Associate Professor in the Synthetic Biology and Bioenergy Department at the JCVI, explained, “To produce a synthetic cell, our group had to learn how to sequence, synthesize, and transplant genomes. Many hurdles had to be overcome, but we are now able to combine all of these steps to produce synthetic cells in the laboratory. We can now begin working on our ultimate objective of synthesizing a minimal cell containing only the genes necessary to sustain life in its simplest form. “This will help us better understand how cells work.”
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