Variable anomalies have been observed since 1957

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Variable anomalies have been observed for many years: Watch the interesting documentary from UFOTV about Anthony Woods:

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Or the book published by Trevor James Constable in 1978 "Sky Creatures", but he observed these anomalies since 1957(

We are doing the same thing over and over again. Are we learning anything??

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What do we know about reality?

This is really fitting in this context: "'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." Morpheus, The Matrix.

Reality can only be known through direct observations and experiments, but for many people the "reality" that they know have been "learned" through school, books, movies, online, etc. They really do not have a "direct" knowledge of that "reality" that they pretend to know.

Scientific discoveries are done every day, but usually they are only published in very restricted journals and only read by specialists, that is one of the reasons that sometimes the same scientific discovery is made independently by different people in many cases with years of difference, so even in the scientific world there is a some level of "disconnection".

Now taken away the fact that some of these scientific discoveries that took great effort to made are being done redundantly and some maybe lost due to that "disconnection", it will take years for that new knowledge to percolate down to the schools textbooks, and usually these books are written not by the researchers themselves but for third party people, so that new knowledge can get "distorted" or "sugar coated" before it actually gets into the textbooks and that is what we "learn" from reality. History shows many examples of this "distortion": for example the "commentators" writings about the original great Greek's writings on Philosophy/Geometry and Natural Science, or translations to a different language of a literary/scientific masterpiece, the exact original meaning may be "lost in translation", or the "controversial" parts are left out, and in a lot of cases the key is in the controversial cases, where the author's deep thinking and position is revealed. And do not assume that in today's internet world that is not happening, some results are deeply buried in obscure journals and only known by a handful of specialists, in many cases is "easier" just to work in a solution for a problem than to try and look for an existing solution.

So there is almost a total "buffer" between reality and what we know about that reality.

If that level of disconnection exist in the "scientific world" imagine now this area of UFO observation/research where all these ground breaking observations are being done. Only a very handful of people are really "aware" partially of these anomalies, people like: Gabriella Decal(, Cristian Soldano(, Antonio Urzy(, budgetmoon(, cotus99(, infamousfanclub(, Jonathan Castro(, Ronald D(, theInterzone(, D PRoZT(, etc.. Each one have their very own set of ideas, in a lot of cases completely disconnected from the others, using very limited resources and in a lot of cases under a lot of direct and indirect "attacks" by "righteous" debunkers. Some of them do not know about the others, and many of their extraordinary evidence is being diluted as "entertainment", one or two of them are really trying to do some systematization and/or correlations, but no serious scientific study is currently under way by them. If these studies are not expanded and systematized, they will be lost and repeated over and over by other people, as have been the case already.

See this book published in 1978 by Trevor James Constable: "Sky Creatures", but he observed these anomalies since 1957(, "Trevor keeps reminding his readers that anybody can reproduce these results"(, but how many people are really listening to that?, or the interesting documentary by UFOTv about Anthony Woods that have been recording Variable anomalies since the 1990s(, so after more than half a century latter we are doing the same thing over and over again as if the past experiences have not been there to learn from them, are we learning anything as a society??!!

We have then this extraordinary situation where almost in a daily basis what can be considered as new forms of "life" are being observed, maybe intelligent life right here in our planet and in essence, if we discount the very few people aware of that, all of that is being dismissed and diluted in the general noise, it is an extraordinary state of affairs that never before has existed in human history. Are we "degrading" as intelligent beings? Because this state of affairs is very far away from being the result of any intelligent behavior. Do we have to wait thousands of years for this knowledge about reality backed by hundreds, maybe thousands of concrete and consistent evidence that can be duplicated by almost anyone, to be made "mainstream"?

These observations done by these people clearly show that the "reality" presented in the books is not 100% accurate and only direct observations can actually provide you with the certainty of that reality.

People talk a lot about some "Government cover-up", but nobody is stopping you from observing the sky visually or using your own instruments, so the actual "cover-up" is in people's minds, nothing more nothing less.

The ironic thing is that many, many people will believe in a lot of mythological ideas for which there is no hard evidence, are not amenable to repetition and/or verification, a cursory browsing of this forum will reveal that, but when video footage is presented to them that shows things very hard to accept but that other people have seen and almost anybody can verify by direct observation with their own equipment or visually, then they resist and are unwilling to verify the FACTS: denial at its best.

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PostFri Apr 04, 2014 7:42 pm » by Skydog

Hi Jeremy,i like your footage,some may say it's balloons but i like to keep an open mind,and being a believer in ET/Advanced humans,then you can't accuse me of being in denial!
This forum is just one of many,so try not to be disheartened by what i would imagine you consider negative
comments,keep plodding on and satisfy yourself with your captures,then who cares what others think anyway,having a little bit of experience on this forum,i can tell that some are frustrated with your inability to respond as a forum member.Your footage is not earth-shattering after all and one vid does look very similar to another,that said,I'm sure you are in the right place to dissect your findings and thoughts on the matter,if only you would engage with the rest of us,who i can assure you are VERY interested in the subject!
Good luck,you may be the one to catch the smoking gun,so don't give up no matter what. :flop:

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