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VAT is a stealth tax on the people and makes business people into tax collectors. Business people then become party to the captivity of the people enforced by those in power and those that hold the purse strings. Can you imagine giving your children some pocket money for doing chores and then asking them to pay double for everything that they would like to purchase with their own money?

People are willing to work to earn a living wage and to benefit their children. However, it is injustice to make people into tax collectors to fill the coffers of the politicians to spend how they wish. Did you know that for every £3 that Gordon Brown and his labour party took in tax from the people he spent £4? As such the country and its people are in debt more than ever before and it was not of their choosing.

Gordon Brown is a criminal for spending the money of the people without their consent. He is a criminal for transgressing the spiritual law that brings liberation and freedom from captivity. Obama is no different and nor is any other government official that does the same. How many English people are aware that Gordon Brown sold England's gold reserves to prop up the EURO? Brown defied the Bank of England and that cost the British tax payer £6 billion. [2] Gordon Brown should have been arrested at the time. However, it is up to the British justice system to ensure that justice is done for the British people. Maggie Thatcher sold the family silver and Gordon Brown sold the gold.

"To no one will we sell" Magna Carta

It is time that politicians learn that they are responsible and accountable for their actions and how they handle the money that belongs to the people. Time for the transgressors to go to jail and pay for their actions of leading the people into the mire.

The Magna Carta speaks of equality for the people to defend the Christian nation from those that would wish to destroy it.

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