Vatican bank fraud investigated!

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Vatican bank fraud investigated
Update: 1 jun 2010,

The public prosecutor in Italy is starting an investigation into money laundering at the bank of the Vatican, wrote the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.


Except for the Vatican banking IOOC according to the newspaper ten Italian banks investigated, including Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit. Justice would have discovered that the Vatican bank accounts managed by banks. On one of these accounts was 180 million euros over two years made.

According to La Repubblica believes justice that the Vatican bank, the banks have as a cover for fraud and tax evasion.
Banco Ambrosiano

The IOR (Institute for Religious Works) was the largest shareholder of Banco Ambrosiano, a bank accused of laundering money for the Sicilian Mafia. The intermediary in the alleged transaction was the Masonic Lodge P2, the current Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been a member. The director of the Banco Ambrosiano, Roberto Calvi, was a member of the lodge.

'God's banker' was like Calvi, was after the bankruptcy of the bank in 1982 found hanging from a noose under a bridge. Although it was doubted that Calvi had committed suicide, in May decided not to reopen the case. The IOR was ultimately more than 180 million euros paid to the creditors of the Banco Ambrosiano. ... zocht.html
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