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PostFri Nov 09, 2012 2:01 pm » by Toxic32

I just watched this video on the front page and I think this should be up for comments. Should be in HD but it's not. Still a good find and very strange. The reporter stated that the guy that was videoing these objects seem to think that they are coming down around 56 and clay street. She also said that there are only houses in that area. Anyway I thought what a place to hide a base right in front of face and as these objects are moving to fast for the eye to see it would be easy to come and go.

I took look on Google earth and found this strange distorted and out of focus building in the same area. Everything else in this area and all around this building is in focus. But not this one? Could be entrance cloaked to look like the top of a building. I will post the co-ordinates at the bottom of the video.

Latitude 39°43'10.84"N

Longitude 105° 1'2.53"W

Altitude 1.84 km
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