Video From Space Finds Mystery 'City' Caught On Time-Lapse

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In astonishing video from the
International Space Station, few may have noticed an unknown city in
North Dakota, lit up as bright as Minneapolis.As the camera hovers hundreds of miles above the earth, major cities can be seen by identifying the patches of light.

In one particular stretch of the video, several major Midwest cities like Bismarck, Sioux Falls and Minneapolis can be seen.


But Ken Paulman noticed something
else, another massive 'city' to the west that he couldn’t identify,
brightly lit as the camera passed over. Mr
Paulman, editor of Midwest Energy News and a self-proclaimed geography
buff, used the surrounding cities to figure out what the large patch of
light was.
He wrote: 'As we move further east,
more familiar locations appear, revealing our mystery "city." It’s the
lights from the Bakken oil field in North Dakota.'The Bakken is reportedly one of the
largest oil fields in the world, covering about 200,000 square miles in
North Dakota, Montana and Canada.It’s the subject of a heated debate over how many barrels of oil is available at the site.

The huge amount of light given off in
the area, according to Mr Paulman, is partially due to natural gas
flares, flaming discharges used at oil fields to keep equipment from
overpressure.Among the
other images seen in the stunning time-lapse video are the Aurora
Borealis and Aurora Australis with their vivid greens and reds while the
lights of the world's cities twinkle as the satellite flies overhead.Lightning strikes across the globe flash repeatedly while some parts of the planet are recognisable simply from their outline.

The images used were released by NASA and compiled by Michael Konig, who is well known in the field of time-lapse photography.

a special low-light camera the group aboard the station on expedition
28 and 29 at a height of 240 miles took the photos Konig used.The images were all taken between August and October this year.


Konig says the video has had some post production tweaking to make it flow better but there are no software gimmicks.

photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which the frames
are captured is much lower than that at which they are played back.When the images are played back at high speed they give the sensation that the image is moving.
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