VIDEO - The Reptilian Alpha-Draconians True Appearance

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I have been telling some people about what I think the reptilians really look like and David Icke is dis-info

Hope the video explains my theory....ENJOY :mrcool:


The Reptilian Alpha-Draconians True Appearance

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Published on Dec 4, 2012 by kinninigan

What is the true appearance of the Alpha-Draconian and find out!

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I realized the text may move fast in some parts, sorry if you have to pause to read. Maybe I read too fast, plus scoring the music with the rest of the video is tricky sometimes, make parts too long I run outta music!

I am gonna do voice overs on my next video using text to speech...

If anyone is interested in where I found Jim Henson footage from 1979 here it sound though

Muppets, The Dark Crystal, & Brian Froud RARE video

Upload to

Uploaded by joetrip on Nov 6, 2011

This rare 3-part (silent) video from 1978-79 reveals the action behind-the-scenes at the Muppet Workshop in NYC as Brian Froud and craftspeople create the puppets for the movie "The Dark Crystal".

Screen tests of the puppets in action were shot on location (behind Jim Henson's house in Connecticut) and in a rented NYC studio.

Produced and Edited by Joe Tripician with camerawork by Merrill Aldighieri.

NOTE: There is No Audio on this video. It's from the only copy I could find.

Jim Hensons hand written log from screentests:



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PostWed Dec 05, 2012 5:02 am » by AntediluvianDog

Awesome video ! I use to watch Fraggle Rock a lot when i was a kid , loved the doozers. Dark Crystal has been on my list to watch for a while but i never got to it. I think i will have to watch it this weekend. I like where your going in this series. Thanks :flop:

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PostWed Dec 05, 2012 9:36 am » by Taurus82

nice vid, i remember the dark krystal, scary movie to watch when i was a kid :nails:

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PostWed Dec 05, 2012 10:05 am » by Copperspike

Good work done here, thank you for the fresh approach! Alex Collier was always a proponent of 2500 # 12 foot tall T-Rex type draconians. Maybe that is just a enhanched hologram projection of their actual puny size. Don't forget Dorthy and the wizard behind the curtain, and why is it that ridiculous movie gets played every year?

Remember, it's the "LOVE" thats going to conquer all, ...... and the intense light. Just like in the movie.

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PostWed Dec 05, 2012 12:27 pm » by mediasorcery

nice work kin, you may be onto something here, big time fukin, the birds, of course, it actually adds up.birdmen.warnt the mothman some kinda bird too?>
the story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again my friend.

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PostWed Dec 05, 2012 12:42 pm » by Tjahzi

cool stuff.

reminds me of the archons from the invisables.

Techblog =>

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Thanks for the comments guys, I am on a video streak now so expect a few more. I did get some heat for my grammer in the comments on DTV but they dont realize taking 30mins to produce the video in cyberlink and then another hour to upload to youtube fixing a grammer mistake could take up to another 2 hours....I was always goods at the arts and math, not english!

Although that comment seems to be deleted now? :headscratch:

But the video should make my point...


I am doing a video on archon possession soon as well... :flop:

Getting good views on DTV!

The Reptilian Alpha-Draconians True Appearance


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Got this email today in my youtube email. I have been getting alot of emails because reptilian research is limited accross the web and I am one of the few investigating it. I thought this was a good read and wanted to add it to the thread....

from: huntercd 12/17/12

the nephilim have many forms

in the following i will start telling the story. if you have a set of questions you can state them. i might answer them.

to avoid confusion i will state some concepts:
-humans are physical and soul.
-demons are soul only.
-human-demon hybrids can be more human-like or demon-like.
-humans live in the realm of light (the visible universe)
-demons live in the realm of darkness (invisible universe)
-angels live outside this universe
-this universe is like a seed in a fruit. that whole is called the total universe.
-our story will stay in this universe.
-there are no multiple universes. the total universe is segmented.
-this universe is in fact made up of 4 different parts. light, dark, anti-dark and zero-plain.
-the Nephilim are entirely human.

the story can be just a story to you. i dont ask you to believe anything. it is my hope that you will understand the nature of the universe and how it works. perhaps you will learn new skills from the story. however, the world we live in today is designed so that this story will sound completely insane. you will hear many things that are difficult to swallow. i have come to believe this story because it makes everything work. i cannot imagine any other reality. i am a normal guy, its just i have a different view of things. you may not ask where i got this info.

the story starts long ago. the Earth was larger back then. it was, as it is today, the center of the universe. and as such the story of demons and mankind started on this same planet. the stars were closer back then. demons were the first to leave. back in the day, they had a much stronger physical presence. that was before they became many, and later had given themselves to murder and immoral acts.

during that time, humans were just starting to leave the Earth. they used massive carved out rocks to travel the distance. they traveled in normal space (the light plane) and so it took them thousands of years to reach their destinations. humans were of the 1000-year lifespan. in those days there were no blondes or black. the Earth humanity of today simply did not exist.

in those days there were three main races that ruled over the other humans. the White, Green and Red races. their fathers were giants. the white giants were even larger and of 6 fingers. they were adventurous, and had the drive to control everything, thus they were the fathers of empire. the green race were the most military-like, and thus were the fathers of warfare. the reds were the smartest of all humanity, thus they were the backbone of the technological empire of man.

the empire of man was also called the First Kingdom. and in the early days of man, there was no need for it and thus no place for it to flourish. however, things changed. as the demons fell to new lows in their evils a massive rip in the universe erupted. slicing through the realms of light, it gave birth to the realms of darkness. most demons of the time perished, and so did some humans who had traveled too far from the Earth. after that event, most demons are simply unable to walk in the realms of light. thus they lost their physical form. they walk only in places that are called "dead places" where the thin film between the realms is without ripples. that is to say no physical creatures are present. however, there are worlds where they can still walk freely and in physical form.

it is some time later that man fell to his desires and the whispers of his own demons. you see, we all have a demon with us at all times. what followed was the time when morals were almost lost. it was much like what happened with demons, only the retribution came from other men. there was one white man with a vision. he saw corruption and thought that he had the answer. what he needed was an army to do his bidding.

after the creation of darkness, the Green race discovered the warping effect that exists between the realms of the light and darkness. the first warp drives were developed by their Red race allies. it was dangerous stuff. it did give them the ability to travel vast expanses of space in a short time. they had to be careful not to be pulled away into a far region of space and they slowly discovered the mental side-effects of warp travel. the green-race were not intimidated by the dangers and they continued to refine this new technology despite the high cost in lives lost.

the white man with vision promised the green-race a high place in his empire-to-be. for what ever reason, they agreed. in their new ships with warp drives they plowed through the worlds of man-kind. other humans were not unarmed, but they did not have the mobility or strict military clock-work of the Greens. eventually, all fell before the green warriors. after the fight was over, the white king was to pass an edict to purge all deviants and criminals of even minor moral crimes. the green were the police to enforce the new laws. hence the first kingdom of mankind was born.

the skin of the White race is similar to current white, but they were huge. all humans at the time had only black eyes and black hair. the Greens had tanned skin and some of them had skin similar to the Whites, but pale. the Reds had a skin similar to red indians, but less dark.

all other human races were enslaved in the new universal order of the first kingdom. many were simply wiped out of existence. what was to follow is known as the worst and darkest time in the history of mankind. all of what you see is a result of that dark age.

in the early days of the first kingdom there were statues. they started out as harmless monuments of men and women. some times they were even righteous. the first idols came and went, and for a time they were forgotten. these new idols would endure. they turned into the great five. over time, people simply forgot what those statues were all about. eventually their needs for devotion turned to the five idols. this is where the great blasphemy started.

the first of them was an abstract image of a man. it would later be known as the mighty god of war. it were the Greens who worshiped this particular deity almost to the exclusion of all others.

the red race chose the god of wealth, prosperity and fortune. they would ferry the peoples of the kingdom of mankind in the great sea of outer space. they would also become the bankers of the universe.

the whites had two deities. the god of pleasure, happiness and extremes. the patrons of that god would administrate the many worlds of the kingdom and in particular the pleasure colonies. the second god was of sadness and pain. the slavers of the universe.

the last of the five was the goddess of destiny, sister and wife of the god of war. that deity was worshiped by both the whites and greens. they started out as counsels of the kings and embodied their will though out the universe of man.

the kings were the most iconic symbol of the first kingdom. 30-50 meter-tall giant cyborgs. the men of iron ruling the human race with the real fist of iron. science does not change, but there are forces that limit knowledge. the iron in this context is harder than diamond. research quazicrystals.

over time the kings turned cruel and merciless. penalty for minor offenses were death. later merely speaking against the kings would lead to the total annihilation of an entire city. on occasion, and entire planet may get bombed from orbit over a minor insurrection. you would think that hardly anyone would be left, but humanity numbered well over a trillion trillion. that is a one with 24 zeroes. hard to tell the actual number.

humanity was now a pyramid society. at the bottom were the slaves. they had no rights other than those that dealt with other slaves. should anyone from a higher place in the pyramid kill/rape a slave, then it would not be considered a crime. the only issue is if the slave belonged to some other owner.

the second tier would be the citizens. most soldiers would be from this class. they can own slaves but not land. most worlds were zoned called countries, and some zones were owned by higher classes, who would be the elite class. they were the top of the pyramid. they were the job owners and they employed citizens. the citizens worked in some tasks simply because they had access to technology. slaves worked very simple jobs like farmers and laborers. citizens flew craft and operated machines.

the kings were the most successful and most powerful of all the elites. but before they could actually earn kingship they had to survive the augmentation operations. turning cyborg was not easy nor safe. it was the science of the Red race that made such monstrously powerful creatures possible. only about 20% of the kings actually survive the procedure or dont develop chronic illnesses. however, for those who do make it they become god-like. a king wields mighty weapons on his very person. a surprise attack against a king was doomed to fail as they had personal shields. for a long time it was thought that the kings were absolute and then the institutions that was the kingdom of mankind was beyond question. there were terrible crimes committed against countless humanity but it was believed that the situation could not be changed.

to give the kings even more power, the Reds managed to unlock the secrets of zero-plain movement. we can call this "space folding" but it was actually called walking-the-line. it would be used only by the kings, as it was deemed too powerful to be shared with anyone. indeed only the mightiest of kings could ever gain access to space-folding. if weaponized, it had the potential to destroy an entire galaxy.

at that point, man achieved the most power and technological knowledge that he will ever know. and yet, the kings wanted more power. from the Green race there were mighty warriors. of them the best 40 men were chosen to father the armies of the kings. they were clones made of the best fighting qualities of the 40.

explaining the concept of clones. with all the science of man, no one has ever created a man. not even a clone as we all understand it today. we shall disregard animals and plants. so what is a real clone? its a living human who had his DNA changed by genetic engineering to mach a template human example. that means they were natural humans, but while in the whom, they got modified. man on his own failed this procedure, but with the aid of demons the method succeeded. genetic engineering is very difficult or even impossible without the aid of demons.

now the demons mentioned here were a kind similar to the grays. they agreed to work for the kings in exchange for human subjects. they were given million and millions of humans as payment. then they simply took those humans away never to be seen again. the kings also experimented with slaves. making all sorts of human-beast hybrids. everything you can imagine. animal people, plant people, fish people and insect people. there were even people with the ability to breath toxic atmospheres.

the clones were made smaller than most humans. here the idea was to save space and resources when transporting them. they were also far less independent than non-slave humans. that is to say they had problems figuring out what to do in the absence of orders. however, when they were clad in their armor they were the best troops ever commissioned. trillions with the same mentality. complete uniformity. the super machine of human flesh.

with all those developments, the universe of man seemed doomed to ever exist in the smothering grip of the merciless kings. but as always, things change.

the Earth was a hub of the universe. guarded by massive space fleets and the planet itself developed to the point that it glittered with cities of gold and silver. a world of splendor never seen before nor since. all possible by the might of the kings. and the day came that the hand of God changed the universe. all it took was the destruction of the capital city of the universe of mankind. this resulted in the death of the king of kings, the supreme leader of humanity. that event triggered many thoughts. and some wanted to seize power for themselves. the two mightiest kings still alive were the golden king of the sea and the son of the king of kings.

the son of the king of kings sought to build a new army for himself. he made a new clone army, and they happen to be the first blondes. some were very much like the elites, while most were to mimic the first clone army. however, some of these clones and elites rebelled against the new king of kings, and the golden king took his chance to take over as the supreme king of mankind. things did not go as either of them planned, and the stray blondes joined a newly formed alliance made up of different citizen races.

to make a long story short. the elites sought to overthrow all the kings and free themselves of the tyranny they endured for many generations. through the new alliance of citizens and with elite backing, they managed to take control of the first clone army and put them under a lone king who sought to control the universe of man. the king is known as the king of the sky. as powerful as the kings were, they were no match for the trillions of clone troops and their warships. in the end the sky king slew the last of the kings of the first kingdom and made himself supreme ruler. the elites were not happy that their plan backfired. as it turned out, the entire coup was planned by the Red-race to bring themselves closer to power. they later plundered the technology archives of the kings, and retrieved its many secrets.

a second great purge took place to eradicate the half-human/half-beast hybrids throughout the universe of mankind. the elites used this conflict to stretch the clone army and spend their strength. they armed the hybrid humans and gave them support. the clones soon found themselves fighting a million battles at the same time. the years dragged on and in the end the combined forces of the elites waged open war against the exhausted clone armies. the blonde clones were marshaled into the fight against the last of the kings of the first kingdom.

the last of the kings was slain and the first clone army was defeated for the first time in its history. the Reds who supported the sky king fled the kingdom with what was left of the alliance. they were mostly clones of the green race. the Reds who were not part of the power game, who were mostly citizens, did not flee and continued to serve the kingdom of mankind. however, the knowledge of the ancients was lost. in their retreat the, the Reds destroyed the centers of knowledge, that no one may discover the secret of space-folding technology.

the kingdom of mankind, now the Empire, was under the leadership of the elites. they were organized into houses. the lead house would be called royalty. in the end, they were little more than tyrannical kings, but they were without the super advanced technology of the old kings. over time technology broke-down. the few space-folding constructs that survived the wars of the past simply failed to work. and no one knew how they worked in the first place considering they lost the relevant technological knowledge.

the Green race continued to use the warp-drive, but its side-effects were enough to put off all the other people of the empire. the empire was now a shadow of the first kingdom. superstition and magic was spreading like wildfire. the demons came into the picture once again. they offered access to FTL faster-than-light travel in exchange for worship. the elites agreed to let some of their slaves venerate and worship demons, but they would not allow their number to worship anything other than their idols. agreement was reached and the empire was once more connected to its outer-most colonies. only the Greens rejected the aid of the demons.

the stage is set for the greatest opera in history...

there are a few things i have to go over to avoid confusion:

-demons come in many forms there are humanoids, also the humanoids with wings and then there are the animal demons.

-there are mainly two kinds of technology. crystal technology is much like what we have today but including advanced crystal alloys. the Earth of today had its technology controlled all the time. the second type of technology is dark technology. its is the more advanced type that goes into aspects of the darkness and allows for super dark alloys and space-folding.

-there were several expansions in human history. most of the animals you see, and in the fossil record are actually alien creatures. there are planets with any mix of animals and plant on them. each race travels with which animals and plants they prefer. in many cases humans adapted their physiology to what animals and plants they consume.

-during the expansion there were discoveries of ancient man-made relics. the people who left them were from the very first expansion. they are generally know as the First. there are many legends of them. to most they are myth, but they are very real.

-demons can protect humans from the maddening effects of warp travel. after demons were accepted into the Empire and trusted to ferry humanity between the stars, new ships were built especially for this purpose. the old ships were typically of the dark iron alloy. the new demon-guided ships were aluminum alloy crystals. this is so not to upset the demonic hold on the ship.

-warp travel using computers as the case with the Green race is very chancy. there is also the madness to contend with. in short, prolonged exposure to the warp (or dark realms) will result in irreversible madness and even mutation.

-as i said in the first post, not all choose evil. thus even demons can be good. the problem is that making contact with humans is so difficult for demons that chances are if you see one it may very well be evil. there are natural pockets throughout the universe and even on Earth where you can see demons as they are, and such encounters are random. i refer to such places as pockets. some of these places are made through witchcraft and sorcery, and its best to avoid them.

-demons can assume many forms. one of their favorite forms is balls of light. they can even assume what people think of as angels. you know they are not angels because they are unable to say clearly that they are angels. they also take the forms of dead people. if you know someone died, and see a ghost of him then that is a demon.

-some demons will try to kill you or enslave you, but that is true for some humans as well.

-never trust a demon. dealing with them usually involves a trick. they are expert illusionists, and way smarter than you.

the story will make sense when i reach current events.

time passed and the empire started to slip more and more into the evils of witchcraft and sorcery. the commanders of the new white ships were more warlocks than admirals and captains. soon, the imperial fleet was mostly made up of demon ships. these white ships could drift in space on their own and have some locomotion, but in terms of FTL they relied entirely on the powers of demons to both transport them through the warp and protect the crew from the effects of madness.

eventually, the royal house of the Empire declared that its king of kings would be the supreme god of all humanity. the ground work was there in the form of the demons working on the minds of the people of the Empire. however, one large contingent of the Empire was not under the influence of the demons. the Greens refused the new edict and stood firm against the new law. but in the eyes of the king of kings, the Greens were heretics. the civil war to follow ripped a gaping hole in the Empire. it was a race-war. the Empire would not stop until all the greens were eradicated.

by the end of the conflict about half of the entire population of the Empire was dead. the Greens used dark ships exclusively. the Empire used what dark ships it had operational and a massive number of white ships. some of the Greens who did not even fight the war were later bombed into annihilation. to make a long story short. there was one large super mothership that escaped destruction. it had the capacity to carry with it a number of city-class ships. such a ship though massive was not quite the size of the larger ships of the Empire, but it was enough for the Greens and they fled into the warp.

there are places in the universe that are mainly dark-plains. they are the result of the great rip in space long before the days of the First Kingdom. they are called the Corrupted Places. the Greens on the lone mothership hid inside the largest of these corrupted places they could find. in those regions of space, even demons dare not go. however, the Greens had extensive knowledge on the workings of darkness, and thus knew how to navigate their way through the most dangerous places in the universe. for a long time they hid away from the Empire. after a while the imperials thought they killed-off the last of the Greens.

during their time in the corrupted places, the greens decided to do the unthinkable. they knew they were doomed should the Empire ever know of their existence. the universe had also become larger and more dangerous. they were reduced to a few billion when they were once almost numberless. it was a decision that had little resistance, that they will fight the Empire and have blood for blood. they had no real means to make good on that pledge, but they knew of one method that was filled with the promise of awesome inhuman powers, but also had the potential to kill them all. this would be the end of the last of the green elites and the beginning of the mighty Dark-Ones.

in the deepest darkest places of the warp, the greens courted the maddening forces of the darkness itself. in the end, at terrible cost to the surviving population, they succeeded. now they acquired the dark-seed. with it they also acquired great powers to destroy all they saw. with it came the strange flesh, and it gave them many forms. they did not change like demons, but they did look demonic. the strongest of them would grow crimson skin and horns and wings. a few even stronger ones were of a form as if covered with petroleum. their hands ended with talons and their senses grew sharper than any demon or machine. they now live thousands of years. they can move with the darkness and their hide stopped the blows of the strongest weapons known to man. but they became psychotic, and even if they wanted to be good, they could not help but do evil when the darkness clouds their mind. the darkness, now had a mighty hand to strike at the realms of light, and claim man, beast and demon in one fell swoop. the dark-ones would be known by many names. the Fallen, the Dragons, the Titans, the Lions, the Mighty-Ones, Devils, The Dark Masters of the universe and others. those names were given to them by the people of the Empire when they defended their very lives against the invasion of the Dark-Ones.

the invasion took place in a time when humanity had grown beyond all record keeping. no one knows how many died in the early years of the Dark invasion, but it was as if all the nightmares of mankind were finally realized. the Empire had just survived a terrible machine war that left most non-demon technology in disrepair. it was the thinking machines that destroyed the technology of the Empire. as a result, humanity turned to the aid of demons, and it was only through the space travel abilities of the demon-craft that humanity managed to defeat the machines who were limited to normal space travel. the machines could not understand the dark-realms and thus never ventured into it. that was their only weakness.

now the Empire of mankind faced a new foe that was old and of their own making. the Dark-ones were both technological and demonic. countless humanity perished by the blunt of the technological bombs from spaceships and more perished in agonizing terror as they beheld the red face of terror. a war that is burned in the psyche of nearly every man and woman of the human race to this day.

all that death and destruction was because of the will to avenge. most humans are not involved in that long-running war, but the masters of the kingdom of mankind will let them burn before they themselves face the mighty red-ones, and the Darks will not rest until they avenge their dead race...

the Darks/Nephilim would later find the Earth and here they found the only promise of a cure to the Darkness. to make a long story short, they were trying to return to being full human again without all the madness, but they found out that they could not. they spent millions of years searching for a cure, and this world Earth is the only place in the universe that offered a solution to Darkness. but later, the Kingdom of Mankind arrived and claimed the Earth for its own. a brutal war for this one gem in the cosmos ended in stalemate. as it turned out the King of King wanted the tree-of-life to prolong his life, and it only grew on Earth. that is a story in itself.

how this ties into our times is another long story, bottom line is that we are fighting a proxy war. we are now coming to the cross-roads of decision. that is to say, they will judge the ownership of the Earth according to some events. the Dark is winning, and that will trigger the recalling of those who are deemed belonging to the Light. not all those who are recalled are going to be "workers" but some will be "owned" as accordance to "country laws" that the Light uses to identify wealth allocation. that is to say, who lives is such and such area belong to X. those people taken, may end up as slaves or are simply sold off to others (and there are cannibals out there!)

the Darks who are set to own the Earth are a kind of reformed dark humans. long story short, they found a way to prevent changing, but it requires the Earth and someone they call "fearless without hate"

the Darks are very scary in their dark form, though they start like normal humans, and their souls are pure human. once they turn to darkness, they do become evil, but even in evil there is a role to be played that may be ultimately good. indeed, the most powerful of the Darks and the most evil among them were once righteous men.

the kingdom of light, though may carry a nice name, is in fact a massive prison of a million worlds ruled by a few core worlds that are heavily armed and with extremely powerful weapon (including a galaxy killer) and they govern space travel as a means to further control all of humanity. its their Jinn/grey/ethereal partners who actually make the lives of the masses impossible as they are empowered to possess and manipulate the populations of entire worlds as part of a deal where by the masters of the kingdom of light are granted FTL (faster-than-light) space travel.

so in the end we are left with one of 2 choices. take the peaceful path with the workers of light, where we all get possessed and are owned like any merchandise and face the prospect of never having the ability to free ourselves from slavery (even if we still have entertainment like TV). or the other option is to take the path of the warrior and suffer under the Darks, where by the end of the duration our few survivors will be granted advanced technology and we are left to our own devices in a violent and dangerous universe.

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Just found this kinny, you've probably seen it already

Upload to

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