Virginia POW Camp That Doesn't Exist

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Virginia POW Camp That Doesn't Exist
images and full article on link above.

The Ft. AP Hill POW camp is located about a mile down a gravel road. It is one of the very few such roads found on the base. Roads at the base are asphalt or Macadam. Macadam is a coating of tar covered with a layer of crusher run gravel. The name of the road we saw which the POW camp is on according to the sign at the turn off, is Camp Cookie Drive.
Such a friendly sounding name for a local branch office of Hell, Inc.
This is the same base I’ve mentioned in other essays. There was NO AMERICAN FLAG flying at Ft. AP Hill…anywhere. When I turned in my car pass at the gate near sundown, I asked a soldier about the flag’s location which we never saw. He replied in perfect American English that the flag was flying at base headquarters.

But when we went by the base HQ, there was NO FLAG on the flagpole. This was not a holiday, but a Wednesday afternoon. When I told the soldier there was no flag at that location his face became beat red. Then he replied “Have a nice day” and quickly walked away. He was wearing green battlefield dress, a green beret but no American flag arm patch. This man looked more like a UN soldier.


found here ... hp?t=13174

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