vision of reality or just coincidence.

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a few weeks ago my wife and i came back from a holiday in tunisia, we had a nice time , and then it was time to fly back , i,m not a nervous flyer , but, being asthmatic i somtimes have a little trouble with the air in planes, anyway we flew back about 2-20 in the morning it was pitch black outside my wife sat accross from me near the centre , i was reading my book, talking to a chatty lady who was telling me all the details of her disapionting holiday, i read somemore then eased my shoes off, i felt relaxed-**enough to shut my eyes and doze, after a while an horrendous vision or dream state summoned a reality of the plane breaking up noise, screams, cold, toppling , lights, terror-, then i was back , my wife smiled accross to me she said somthing i coudn,t hear , my heart pounded , i had to gather myself, i thought my imagination had got the better of me , i relaxed, or tried to went back to my book , then the chatty lady for the next 40 mins, kept me up to date with her holiday, includind photos on her camera and the letter she would write when she got back home. i only state this now , because of the french plane crash , what do you think, i have had some simliar incidents in my past but nothing like this ,it was horrible , i wasn,t scared or anxsious on the plane so why did this horrible vision pop into my head .

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PostTue Jun 16, 2009 4:33 am » by Mikemess

Hmm....makes you wonder sometimes?

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