Vision of the Rapture 12/21/12

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PostSat Dec 15, 2012 9:37 pm » by Nelusmc

This was not my dream but I found it interesting and wanted to share with you guys.

To those who know how to listen with the spirit pleas hear this

I was exiting a building after attending an event that took place in a large auditorium. There were steps outside the door going up a grassy embankment to a parking lot. People were loitering outside. Some were going to their cars and other was engaged in friendly discussion. I was going up the steps and there was people standing of to the right at the top of the steps and some in the second and third step from the top talking to one another. It was an overcast day but it was warm and there was no rain. Then I heard a rolling thunder like a stampede coming from the north. The horizon lit up in amber like sunrise only this rose much quicker, in few seconds the whole sky was lit up from left to right bottom to top then the whole sky was like a massive wave rushing on to the shore only this did not look like water but fire, a massive wave of fire rushing towards as. It was coming so fast all we could do was to drop down and hide behind the staircase. The blast rushed over us and I expected to be burned alive but there was no physical effect. The air around us was like being inside a fireball without the heat and the air was sparking like electricity. There was some sort of a shockwave that knockout all the windows and shook the building. People were in shock screaming and running for cover. Some got impaled by shards of falling glass. The blast rushed past us and the sky cleared for a moment and then the thunder started again and the sky turned amber again, a second blast wave was on the way. I ran inside and kicked out a window that leads to the basement. Many followed me and the basement started filling up rapidly. I helped some children and then rushed over to the other side of the basement. The blast wave struck and the plasma like fire rushed in thru the open staircase that leads in to the basement but it did not get to me. Most of the people in the basement were shielded from the blast wave. Everybody was in a state of hysteria but I felt an overwhelming sensation of peace and I had no fear. I got up lifted my hands up and started worshiping and as I started speaking I found myself wide awake in my bed. It was not like wakening up but rather like being transported from one place to another in the blink of an eye; it was six in the morning. I got up made myself a cup of coffee and sat in the garden my thoughts engrossed in what I just experienced. Then I got this word “ 7 is my number the number of perfection I am 3 and 3 7s complete me that is 21, the number of my followers is 12 my apostils”. Remember this day 21 12 the day of the lord the day of His people.

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