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It seems like we are all looking for truth. In order to find truth, we must sift through endless perspectives. I write my poetry in the hopes of opening peoples minds, to explain to readers in due time that they will know where all these events are leading us, where we are to go. Its fine to be behind because we all wait for each other at the finish line at the end of the race whether it be the contest to see who's got it in their head the best or the end of the human race. So please, do process my poetry and let it capture your attention, putting you into a trance.

The Face of Edifice by Robert Anderson

The thought has occurred to me
Of edifying one’s place in people's reality.
The aim is to transcend past the skin and flesh.
To create in which the arguments creations de-sided-ness
Suits all creations, and suits all individuals best.
The buzzing you feel, I'll begin at the toes.
Attached to feet, that beat the earth beneath
Trampling new dust into old bones
Along to grooves, the knees, the legs
Now kicking to funk,
Rocking heads, from monks to punks.
Goes through the waist, capable of
Carrying such an en-light-ened body weight,
Shaking to swing dance,
red flood light, gypsy music.
Goes all the way up the jagged spine,
Entrenched in a corridor of teeth,
It is the highway to the hivemind
A nervous, fibrous connection,
Woven through us like a memories reflection,
Arouse the sense of being only a body,
Stuck in a slow, aging, conflicted struggle,
Between being free and being in harmony.
In so many things we dedicate our attention
From the nuclei within the nucleus
To the stars strung to resemble Cerberus.
In so many things we find beauty
But often we overlook the minds eye,
The source of all beauty's creations.
Such a shame.
The best way to edify is to come to a realization.
Appreciate your strand in the cloth
Of woven, infinite possibility.
The thing we all perceive is just our tunnel into reality,
A painted room with layers,
Filled with painters,
Artists, writers, visitors, observers,
Who, if they can’t think outside of the box,
Then we’ll just have to make the box bigger.
By the time they’ll have reached the corners
Of what we set out to build,
They’ll already be treading in spaces they never trailed.
The bigger box serves as an expansion of the city
Pushing farther away the gates of insecurity
Until they are far in the distance,
As to never be seen again.
By expanding the limits,
You have expanded the playfulness within the den.
Some things we try once, and we never try them again.
They leave us with a mark which from comes a tale
Of how in some it leaves a hole the affected blindly block and fill.
In the rest, it opens a hole from which flows a kindred spirit,
And we take it by the hand
And talk about compassion
And about love, how all is one,
And about appreciating the ability
To say and do what we genuinely set out to do.
That kindred spirit you hold is really the human that is you.
A professor once said,
“Much really depends on the effort you put in.”
And I think effort towards humanity’s transcendence
Above oppression and hegemony,
Securities walls dependence…
We can take the social net
And ensnare the multiversal concept
To embrace the things past time and space,
So by learning, and leaving a positive impact,
Our bodies are left in a more positive place.
There is no greater cause than making the world a better place.
Process what you read, what you draw, what you see
Learn from the world around you,
The world reads and mimics itself,
It is the world within you.
Thus, when you learn and you've heard,
And you're not sure how to begin,
Here's where all that stuff about effort comes in.
You have a job to do,
To harness the conscious plying
Of force and time.
The way I express my effort is mine.
You can see it, it's for everybody!
The strands of our time have already been knit
But we can jump from strand to strand
In order to follow the path that we see fit.
Our residue is a dye
That changes the colors of the threads
That make up the fabric of life.
In the end it will reveal itself as a magnificent portrait
Of all we have yearned,
For all that we strive,
In the way we have dyed,
The time it will take to make
Will be in less time than in the blink of an eye.
You will see.
Now go, leave this piece,
Go create,
Find a way for us to realize peace.
Edification of the best intentions into a norm,
A social convention out of an invention
To push the boundaries of form,
There's no going back to change things
But there's always looking ahead to improve things.
The Face of Edifice is contorted
So to say that everything is as it should be...
You don't want to know how that makes me feel.

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