Visual Strangness

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PostSun Jun 16, 2013 11:51 pm » by Shaggietrip

OK, have to post this and get going. Sorry have plans.

EDIT: I used full screen
I watched the video below then realized something. If I concentrate on the top right corner of the frame the difference looks way more dramatic.

The clip is about photo shopping model ect. They flash before and afters. They did this enough for my eyes to wonder around the frame other than specific areas.

So watch it and after you see the difference looking directly at the model. Try watching the upper left of image fame and let me know what you think.

Upload to

source: TheYoungTurks

Also post any items that have visual mind bending or info on topic. There I am sure a thread of this. I had no time to search. Post or merge if necessary.


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PostMon Jun 17, 2013 2:53 pm » by Seriouscitizen

The difference is indeed bigger when u don't look directly at the image itself.
The cause, i think, is similar to the altered body image you have when looking at your self. Like how your face could appear symmetric when you look right at it but actually isn't if you would look at yourself from a different angle or at an unexpected moment.
The expectation for what u think you will see will alter the image in the mirror or in a picture, making it look skinnier, thicker, prettier or uglier; whatever it is you are expecting.

Thanks for posting, there can't be enough debate about unhealthy body images. :flop:

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