Wake up DTV: Ridicule does not equal Reason!!!

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PostSun Oct 23, 2011 10:08 pm » by Iamthatiam

lucidlemondrop wrote:
iamthatiam wrote:
lucidlemondrop wrote:Nice read to start the Sunday am..........

And you did all the work!

And ther people here saying that im a troll, can you believe this shit?! :D

Luv ya hon :cheers:

I guess it goes back to the perception thing.

People "see" what they want to find.

Too bad that so many miss the depth of you

:hugging: one of those not gay kinda hugs!

K, K, dear friend :hugging: :cheers:

"The Heaven's Lights are fed by the energy generated inside the furnaces of Hell; I AM One Conductive Wire! "

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PostSun Oct 23, 2011 10:13 pm » by Lucidlemondrop

kerrblur2 wrote:The concept of being "grounded" may sound strange to someone not used to thinking about having an energy field or aura surrounding them.
You can use this in your everyday life lucid to make it easier to accomplish what you are trying to do. When we are not Grounded we are absent minded some say. Do you constantly misplace your keys, glasses, etc.? Then you are not Grounded!

Many people have found that being Grounded is a great help with studying, also.

It is important for any type of spiritual work and you find it useful in other areas of your life. You cannot communicate with your guides for example effectively if you are not grounded. This is a very important building block of a spiritual growth dat we are working on. As I mentioned, are you forgetful? Lose your keys? Procrastinate? You MIGHT NOT be grounded.

But if you are not "grounded", with your subtle bodies (your aura) 'connected' to the earth, it is impossible for the universal energy to flow fully and freely through you. When you are grounded, the highest spiritual energies of the universe flow freely through your energy body -- and you can draw on this energy. When you are not "grounded", the energy you are able to draw on and utilize is just your own, and of course that is limited. Being grounded allows the unlimited higher energy to flow through you and this also increases the ability to receive the higher energies of the Guides

Grounding your energy changes the way that your energy flows. It focuses the attention. It quiets the inner dialogue, that chatter when you try to meditate! and allows the highest energies to flow through the body. Being Grounded will settle the third eye chakras

When you are not Grounded, you are scattered and unaware. Again I am talking about Talking to your guides, which communication is lost on you. It takes a focus and a stillness to speak to Guides.. Being Grounded means that you are present and living in the moment, which is essential for doing any type of spiritual work, like N.E.,W, OBE's Kinesis's. Ect.

The energy we receive daily varies in frequency. When you are not Grounded, there is a limit to the frequency that you can receive. When you are Grounded, you can more easily become aware of the other frequencies that are occupying the same space that we do, but are unseen, and not even guessed at, by most people.

When you are living in the moment, in the present, and are Grounded, the little things in life flow smoothly, and evenly. You are going with the energies of the moment and not against them. Try it and see what happens.

I can make a whole thread about grounding but, I have a big one already on Astralpulse.com, this site is not for this topic. But I teach alot of people about grounding and energy work. different easy techniques can help clear the chatter that your mind has and therefore makes you not grounded. After you feel the grounding effects, you will then notice a change in even your materialistic lifestyle not to mention your spiritual.

I appreciate your answer. I remember way back we talked a bit about some teachings you spoke highly of.

I am sure my behavior (through my words) were a great indicator in my lack of grounding the other night when you mentioned it................The oddness is that I had been doing a bit of research including doing some meditation being the tree roots and all, lol, cause it was shown to be that I can be more aware of this "energy work"

Thing is I guess I resist things that require disciple so often one will "act out" against the inner disciple.

Nice call on the "reading" though since that was dominating my ideas last few days.

It is hard to learn discipline..........to practice it anyway~
What a long strange trip it's been..............

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PostSun Oct 23, 2011 11:48 pm » by Kerrblur2

I will post the best way to ground your body. Like your solar plexus one(hint)....... when you meditate you must clear that chatter your mind goes through.. robert bruce has a amazing technique to reconize and help eliminate that chatter. Lol litterally one word(thought) at a time. Progressing chatter free meditation 5 seconds at a time. Now when your plexus chakra is blocked. And your not grounded you are not allowing the energy to flow right. Plus you are not allowing the energies from above to come in. Check out robert bruce. This disclose.tv is the wrong site for me to talk about this stuff. Lol
The autobiography of olaf Jenson and his journey to the inner earth.

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PostMon Oct 24, 2011 12:40 am » by waveform144

Regarding Athiests...several posibilities...1. They are smarter than the rest of the world and as such know the truth, but the price for their knowledge is they have been stripped of the ability to communicate it to others (maybe by a god with a sinse of humor). 2. A buzzard shit on a fence and the sun hatched an athiest. 3. They simply don't know the truth.
Often they run to the pillers of science to support their possition, which...requires blind exceptance of debunked science.
..We have a 10,000 piece puzzle...we shake up all the pieces and divided them into to piles of 5,000 each. One pile we hide all over the universe. The other we split into two piles of 2,500 pieces each. The first of these we divide into 5 piles of 500 and divide up amoung five religions and philosophies. The second we divide into five piles one going to each of five schools of science.
...Who sees the big picture?

... no matter which pieces we examine, the only reality any seam to have is that attributed by the observing consciousness...in the end we are left with consciousness wakening observing it self at every scale...call it what you will...


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