Wake up....Sheeple....

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 4:42 pm » by Whiteknight2000

The only real revolution is the revolution within ourselves.

The day we all evolve into an another species.

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 4:55 pm » by Alternateworld

whiteknight2000 wrote:
A mayor problem is that most of us are basically modern day Cassandras, cursed with all this knowledge of doom and gloom and none who believes us.

But I like to believe our cause is righteous.

How many predictions of doom, and gloom have been made on this forum since its creation? Atleast 100 every single day predicting doom the following week.
Complete over exaggeration IMO

How many predictions have been proven to be correct? None
Really, i beg to differ, a lot of what is happening around us now has been foretold. Truely open eyes will see this

If you want to start taking yourself seriously then start posting the truth, rather than nonsense.
Find one post from the posters in this thread guilty of this?

Example: "2012 IS REALLY DECEMBER 21ST 2010".......Posted by sav himself. And guess what.....Nothing happened.
That's how he rolls, like i've said before, i'd rather have a bit of fore warning even if it turns out to be an empty prediction.

And the fish brain members of this forum keep coming back, and believe everything you guy's tell them. They just forget the million other predictions and believe the next end of the world prediction will come true. But the truth is the world just won't end.
I agree, the world won't end, WE may tho the way we're going!

You guy's just can't cope with that. You would all rather die, because you are bored with your lives and are unsatisfied with yourselves. That's why you came up with the delusion that the world is ending so you can all cope with the fact that you are living here on earth. Living on this dump.
Man your negativity must really be eating you up inside!

Well I've got new's for all of you. You are all stuck here until you all naturally die, or kill yourselves.
As above...!

Do something with your lives rather than post on a conspiracy forum and predicting doom and single fucking day. You getting yourself's nowhere.
I do plenty with my life thanks, and i am going somewhere, we all are

Get over yourself man. Why do you think no one believes you guys? Because you keep on telling them fake prophecies, you guy's keep feeding them fake doom. And you blame the ptb for that? I hope not.
Fake as in telling people of the poisoned water we drink, poisoned air we breathe, poisoned msm we allow to hypnotise us, poisoned government we allow to manipulate us?

The world won't end unless you really want it to, and the only way for your world to end is for you to die.

The world around you is an illusion. If hope you picked up on it by now. Not the illusion you all think. An illusion your mind has created. IT know's everything you think, it know's your thoughts, dreams, nightmares. It know's everything about you.
Yaheeeey, true statement! Knew you'd get there in the end!

You want to conquer it. Learn how to use it wisely. Don't give in to it. Learn how to trick it. Use it as a tool.
And another, you're on a roll!

Second of all telling people to wake up will do nothing. We have all programmed ourselves. I know. The mind is very mysterious and powerful tool.
Oh dear, it was all goin so well, :bang; They information i've had from others is all part of my awakening and i wouldnt change it for the world! Ergo, i feel obliged to offer this same gift to others...

Think of the movie click. Once we have an experience it is immediately stored in our brains. And eventually we just all hit the automatic button.
Point being...?

If you really want the people to wake up, then I think you better learn how to wake up yourself.
Done that, next...

The key to the problem is not outside of you but within. If you learn how to control yourself and the mind, you can do many great things.
The key maybe within, but the problems lie all around. Only with informed dot connecting will we better our emotional, spiritual and mental position

Just saying....
Just saying...

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 5:07 pm » by Mythoughtsalone

You cannot enlighten people, you cannot show them the truth, you have to find it your self.
These people that scoff and scold are the least enlightened.
There is a reason for all we are seeing that others cannot see.
Its all about choice really, Alan Fry's Video (found on google video) really explains it well, even though its 60 years old, he knew what was happening even then and the reason why!

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 5:15 pm » by Probablysane

Alan Watts as an ice breaker... Funny, eye-opening and interesting.
Happiness is subjective ;)

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 5:20 pm » by Drjones

I actually don't think you can or should try too hard 'wake up the sheeple' that's why they are sheeple. Focus on your own life and let all else take care of itself.
I'm NOT saying i am not a sheep myself i feel i am just not as easilly led as some, the majority unfortunately are very easilly led. I think the ONLY way people 'wake up' and for it to be effective is that they have to do this themselves, by whatever means, like we all have.
It's like Morpheus says in the first matrix movie:

'No-one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself'

Like so many things in life, you have to experience it yourself.

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 5:25 pm » by Theyrecomming

The people have been brainwashed to only believe what mainstream media tells them. Im sick of hearing about the illuminati

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 5:33 pm » by Smallworld

nop, no more wake up,i have try to wake some sheeples and believe me, some of them are very a sleeping and they want a stay that way.no mather if you put some good thing in there face they dont believe you.i'm been call crazy,nut,stuppet to believe those thing,there will be no more talk to talk with a sheeple again, believe me its fuckin hard to live like that, knowing all this and nothing you can do about it.i have lost my job all of my friends my family thing i'm crazy,fuck man i'm living a hell right now and thanks to one who wake me up. to tell you the truth event if marchal law is passe and the army truck come in are city like the SS during WWII, i well lets those sheeples go alone with those nazy and hope it will be just the way they have allways dreams off .good luck to every sheeple in this world.

vive la révolution :shooting: :shooting: :shooting:

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 5:50 pm » by The57ironman

we're all black sheep here , eh' ?
if you don't like my opinions....please lower your standards Image


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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 5:56 pm » by Kingdraco

If you come off like "you know it all" and other people are just "sheeple",then you're already fighting against the grain.no one will rationalize,or agree,or even really want to listen to someone that comes off as an "asshole" to them(not saying you are),it's just people and the way they are..Perhaps you should have a gentle and rational approach to conversation with others,LISTEN to their side of it and debate points.don't try to "convince" (it's not your place to do that),the truth must be REALIZED,not spoken from angred spirit or frustrated words.the idea here is to "open up their mind to the possibility and to consider new ideas",not dictate to them what they should believe.Your not going to intimidate or make anyone feel like they are a lower intelligence than you by use of harshness in your words.

Calling people "sheeple",will get you nowhere even if they agree with you later and come to grips with TRUTH as you told them,they'll still have a bad impression of you because you put them down.

remember to love :sunny: ,it's a better key to open the minds of others and can only benefit you. :wink:

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 6:03 pm » by Marley

For what it's worth, here's my experience with waking up the sheeple.

About 6 months into my search, I called all my family and close friends and shared what I had found. I didn't get much response from any of them but a few did ask questions. Mainly questions like why is it happening. Of course, there was/is no answer for that...yet. Not a single one of them followed up with any more interest. I found this incredibly frustrating and disapointing as it was obvious that no one wanted to take the time or had interest in understanding wtf was happening around them. :bang;

Then I found out about the Law of Non-interference. Now, I haven't researched this law much as it made complete sense to me. The premise is, don't fuck with peoples' shit. It creates karma upon the person doing the fucking. It applies to things aswell such as the earth. Don't interfere with her and she won't interfere with you. :nope:

So, instead of pushing what I had been learning, I began clearing my own karma. When I had a FB account, I would find people I knew in the past that I had (IMO) created karma with. As well as those that had created it with me and allowed them the chance to clear it with me. For instance, the guy that beat me to a pulp and left me for dead, and the guy that cheated on my continuously with the town skanks. I never asked for an apology, just opened up a space for them to soak up my compassion, as I can see the reason for these things to have occured so much more clearly now. :sunny:

This process, as it would appear, did not wake anyone up but it allowed for my journey to continue on an awesome path and who knows, maybe my actions of clearing karma resonated with someone and they are now doing it themselves. :D

I do have one friend that I was estranged from for quite some time and when I got in touch with her to clear our karma, she asked where I was at in life at the time and I told her that I was in a crazy space by all the things I had been learning. She asked what kind of things and I told her that these things could change her life and she should really consider the consequences of finding such things out. She thought about it and said she wanted to know. So I spilled the beans, opened up the rabbit hole and she is eternally greatful. She is enjoying her awakening. :banana:

I'm not entirely sure it is up to us to force our wisdom on others. Maybe if we live by our wisdom, stand up to the bullshit and stop being herded around, others will catch on and things will change as they should. :mrcool:

Time feels short, though doesn't it? Everyone has a trigger for what will wake them up and I'm afraid that the trigger will come to the masses in one loud BANG. May those of us who are awake, have the clarity to help and have the patients for those who will be thrown into chaos. :hugging:
Do you think it is a key to own? To turn in a lock? It is not. It is up to you, through your endeavors to learn what you have forgotten and un-learn what you have been convinced to accept.



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