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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 6:48 pm » by Stratosfear

People don't believe because there are so many tales of doom and gloom that you become desensitized to it - and lets be honest - centuries of doom mongering and here we still are.
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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 7:05 pm » by Funnyman46

alternateworld wrote:Good post oto my friend, and merry christmas to you and yours!

That said, i don't know the answer sorry. Chemtrails and fluoride in water are my main two 'ice breakers' so to speak, but like you say, many people do not want to know even with hard evidence. I'll think on this further, but i would love to see some good input on this matter from others, and hopefully this season of seeing friends and family can serve to awaken and enlighten instead of just the usual.

Then again, i have found my awakening quite painful at times. Is it morally correct to bring this pain to others...?

Well said.
I always like people to know who I am and not how I want to be perceived as. As everyone who knows me in the real (cough) world hears from me, “I’d rather be hated for who I am than hated for who I am not” and “If you can’t handle the truth then don’t ask me”
Because if they have an issue with the truth it's their issue and not mine,
I find that most folks want to know about the rabbit hole but are afraid to look into it.
Sometimes, simple is better

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 7:56 pm » by Mochon

otoel wrote:A mayor problem is that most of us are basically modern day Cassandras, cursed with all this knowledge of doom and gloom and none who believes us.

But I like to believe our cause is righteous.

So what is the point of this thread? You may ask....

Well basically I am tired of looking like a lunatic, I am asking anyone and everyone here......

How do you wake up sheeple? Where do you start? What can you say?

If you tell them about Flouride and Chemtrails they simply dismiss it(Even when I show hard evidence) as the news hasn't said anything about it, so that's not good.... if you even mention the Illuminati or the NWO or anything like they laugh at you and tell you that you have been watching too many movies, I could go on and on about sheeple tactics but you get the point.

I know that I personally "woke up" because I choose to, I had a feeling that something was not quite right and whether by coincidence or and act of God, a mentor was provided.

But most people are too busy just caring about themselves to care about the world.

So anyways the bottom line is... how do you wake up sheeple?

Let see if this forum is full of geniuses or ..... just a joke.

Lol...dude ive been asking myself the same over and over...like i want to make a change and help the rest to go trough it...
but how....
Heres what i think....Fisrt of all i agree with you a 100%...people are too busy to care....
Chemtrails,flouride, 911,you name it...people are scared to belive....And btw,i also get the lunatic looks from lots of people....and all i can think is poor poor people....

I dont have a full answer...all i think about is something like the disclosure movement...but it needs political strenght....a world wide movement with the few people who are "awake" and willing to be pointed at and labeled crazy...there is a lot of scientific facts not know to the people that would make a big diference...the health industry is a good example.... how much money of ours our govts have been spending on treatments that are not only expensive but dangerous?
Im fine with helping people with my taxes,unfornatelly in my country that money is mostly stolen by corrupted politicians....anyway...there is a lot of shit like that anywhere....

Ive been talking with some people about this,and yeah i love to think big time,so far ive gotten a good response from the people close to me...wich are willing to go all the way,cause life today is not what anybody thinks...
Im convinced that little by little number will sum up and more and more people will want to know about this.We have many antagonic figures in our days...all over the world,and the way to counter them wich would work best to my opinion is democracy,they can be beaten in their own system,trust me,they have a flawed system wich can be flawed as well,but there is a need to make an impression of impact in people....
This requieres so much dedication that it may sound impossible,but impossible is way mis interpreted by the masses.you know that well.
I dont mean steering people in any direction,but,to show them the possible and infinite roads we could take....and walk together.
Again,it may sound foolish,and i may be a fool,but i belive in people,in every one of you reading and everyone of you i ever told to fuck off.
This is of course with out the amazing amount of details that should be discussed.

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 8:38 pm » by Nyarelathodep

Ahhh, Oto...I like when you are on your game. You can ask some really good questions. My advice mirrors many others here, wherin you have to tailor your angle to the person you are trying to help. People, as a general rule of thumb, are less likely to condsider information presented to them from another person than they are information that they feel they actually discovered, as its sometimes hard for the ego to accept that they could have missed something so important that someone else saw so obviously. And that resistance is many fold greater when such information is offered unsolicitedly. So, the way I have approached it (on those rare occasions when I bother to do so anymore) is to bide my time and wait until some event or thought occures to such a person that effects them on a personal level, and then if I can see the clear tie-in with such information, try to get them to question the reasons why. Sometimes this is the only way to get through to the most hard headed and closed minded people. If they are a likely candidate to become aware for themselves, than they will eventually get it. If not, well you know Im not one to quote the bible, but there are some very very wise words on there...one of them being "Cast not your pearls before swine"....
For challenges to come, we stand against the tide...under the banner of the brave. Mission Aetheria...the future belongs to the brave.

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 9:59 pm » by 1ofakind

drjones wrote:I actually don't think you can or should try too hard 'wake up the sheeple' that's why they are sheeple. Focus on your own life and let all else take care of itself.
I'm NOT saying i am not a sheep myself i feel i am just not as easilly led as some, the majority unfortunately are very easilly led. I think the ONLY way people 'wake up' and for it to be effective is that they have to do this themselves, by whatever means, like we all have.
It's like Morpheus says in the first matrix movie:

'No-one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself'

Like so many things in life, you have to experience it yourself.

Well said DR. After everything I found out about what really goes on in the world I felt at first that it was to much and my mind was going to explode. After sitting back a while I soaked up every last drop of information I could and thought that I could share it. I was very wrong, most people do not want to know. I liken it now to someone who is sleep walking. You should never wake them. Yet with this I have found a positive. There must be a reason why so many of us are awakening from the sleep. We can not wake the others but we can do much more when we think about it.

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PostThu Dec 23, 2010 10:59 pm » by Takemeillgo

whiteknight2000 wrote:
A mayor problem is that most of us are basically modern day Cassandras, cursed with all this knowledge of doom and gloom and none who believes us.

But I like to believe our cause is righteous.

How many predictions of doom, and gloom have been made on this forum since its creation? Atleast 100 every single day predicting doom the following week.

How many predictions have been proven to be correct? None

If you want to start taking yourself seriously then start posting the truth, rather than nonsense.

Example: "2012 IS REALLY DECEMBER 21ST 2010".......Posted by sav himself. And guess what.....Nothing happened.

And the fish brain members of this forum keep coming back, and believe everything you guy's tell them. They just forget the million other predictions and believe the next end of the world prediction will come true. But the truth is the world just won't end.

You guy's just can't cope with that. You would all rather die, because you are bored with your lives and are unsatisfied with yourselves. That's why you came up with the delusion that the world is ending so you can all cope with the fact that you are living here on earth. Living on this dump.

Well I've got new's for all of you. You are all stuck here until you all naturally die, or kill yourselves.

Do something with your lives rather than post on a conspiracy forum and predicting doom and single fucking day. You getting yourself's nowhere.

Get over yourself man. Why do you think no one believes you guys? Because you keep on telling them fake prophecies, you guy's keep feeding them fake doom. And you blame the ptb for that? I hope not.

The world won't end unless you really want it to, and the only way for your world to end is for you to die.

The world around you is an illusion. If hope you picked up on it by now. Not the illusion you all think. An illusion your mind has created. IT know's everything you think, it know's your thoughts, dreams, nightmares. It know's everything about you.

It will create every single scenario you think of. Even the scenario of an evil government that is out to get you, even the scenario there is a devil out there, even the end of the world.

You have no idea what the mind is truly capable of. You have no idea of how much it can destroy you.

You want to conquer it. Learn how to use it wisely. Don't give in to it. Learn how to trick it. Use it as a tool.

Second of all telling people to wake up will do nothing. We have all programmed ourselves. I know. The mind is very mysterious and powerful tool.

Think of the movie click. Once we have an experience it is immediately stored in our brains. And eventually we just all hit the automatic button.

If you really want the people to wake up, then I think you better learn how to wake up yourself.

The key to the problem is not outside of you but within. If you learn how to control yourself and the mind, you can do many great things.

Just saying....

I got to fish brain then realized I was not smart enough to understand this guys response.


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