Want Versus The Need, To Be Offended and Forgiveness

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eliakim wrote:How many times does one forgive? Seventy seven is a sacred number of forgiveness and it is stating there is no end to your ability to forgive if you have the willingness to do so.

I once asked when this is all over will it be the end of our connection/relationship. Archangel Michael said 'No, you must teach him love'.

In this context the word 'teach' was in regard to a state of being, people learn from observation.

No matter what he did or said I did not reject the person concerned. I stood my ground in the love and mercy of my being. When the darkness cannot destroy the light of love, then the darkness is transmuted. People get to experience love that is real. It can take people many years to grow and come to their own realizations of what they have done and where they were coming from.

The darkness dies but love is the path of no return to the old state of being.

yes you are quite right,however,the closer you get to the light,the greater the darkness grows behind you!
with the power of soul,anything is possible
with the power of you,anything that you wanna do


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