Was the American economic collapse caused by a ponsi scheme?

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PostTue May 26, 2009 3:30 am » by Lisakitty


Please take the time to read about this topic at this link before you respond, so that you will have an idea as to what could have led me to this conclusion.
With all of the time that I devoted to research for this topic, I have come to the conclusion that the economic collapse resulted from a ponsi scheme. What are your thoughts on this topic? :think:

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PostTue May 26, 2009 6:39 am » by Cheff

I think that the business sector has got too big and could have easily gone from being very honest to where large corps buy everything up and that control could be manipulated into a ponsi. If it is it has been very well played and if the collaps is now we are in for troubled times :rtft: . the link is great :cheers:

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PostTue May 26, 2009 10:39 am » by Drextin

Very astute observations.

They say the easiest people to scam are those who are scamming others. If you look at all the billions and billions of dollars that have been scammed from the elite as they were doing the same to us...............I'd say that is correct.

You have a nice blog. I have bookmarked it and will visit it often. love the 70s entertainment!
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PostTue May 26, 2009 1:39 pm » by Cornbread714

Was the American economic collapse caused by a ponzi scheme?

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PostTue May 26, 2009 6:40 pm » by Lisakitty

So, now it is the day after Memorial Day, and the stock market is rallying. I should now add to this forum topic, "I rest my case!"
The bankers are getting in their last chances of looting the sleeping investors before the commercial loan collapse is upon us, which will happen very soon. They are giving the reason for this rally as, 'Wall St. cheers signs that consumers' moods brightened in May.'
The sad thing about that statement is that most peoples moods haven't really brightened, most of them are just trying to stay optimistic, because they are hoping that the lies the media and the government are telling them about the economy improving, isn't just another lie.
Once the majority of the people realize that this is just another lie, they should finally wake up and decide to stop playing the rigged stock market, stop using banks for their money, and then hopefully they will demand a better solution than another bail out using tax payer money.
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PostTue May 26, 2009 7:59 pm » by Lowsix

Agreed, great post and welcome..

The market is at 8400 right now, and this is utterly and 100% unrealistic nt he fundamentals.

I have written a lot on this, and I will say that at least for the short run, Obama and his team may have pulled off one of the most successful PR blasts in modern American history with the management of the timing and severity of the Swine Flu Pronouncements coupled with the announcement of the bank stress tests..Evidence not of a conspiracy, but a managed PR cycle to minimize the perception of doom, so that consumer confidence can play a part in the market rallies.. Evidenced today on Bloomberg gfor the REASON for todays rally..http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=af4n6WogP62o&refer=home

Taken together, the swine flu alone with all the Drudge 72 pt Blasting headlines SHOULD have been enough to tank the market back to around 6000. But when the coverage all but disappered with some pronouncements form Mexico that it was abating (when in fact the spread is to the contrary) you have the bank results two days later.
Im actually proud of this one, becuase I called it a week before it happened, and while im not on board with oBama overall, i will say it was likely a BRILLIANT strategy to do a "misdirect light"..and bring some world ending shit, then backing off to let the optimism sink in, then announce, hey the fiscal crisis is over, and THEN announce the bank results. In reality

Now, as youll find out about me as you read comments i post, im not a conspiracy nut. TO the contrary...BUT i also follow the technicals, and read the abstracts on Market fundamentals and something just isnt gelling..

While aside from the Commercial real estate bubble and ensuing commercial loan failures, i cannot ascribe WHAT is being hidden..(well, and personal debt failures) but im confident that something is, because the fundamentals do NOT bear out 8400 being a realistic dow. Retail is slaughtered, shipping is at a standstill, oil consumption still down 40%, Opec is cheating holding reserves in offshore tankers, unemployment roaring along at 650k a month (with MANY more to come if the auto giants bail....

I mean shit..im a godamn graphic designer and i can read the BS into the optimistic vibe out there...I can see it in the job boards. UNREALISTIC as all hell.

But I have an oongoing convo with a geologist friend of mine who takes a different lean on almost everything i say, and hes making a decent point...That perception of optimisms MIGHT be enough to carry..at least for a while.

But im seeing several obstacles, in my limited and laymans knowledge..
The real estate bubble, the retail crash, real estate loan maturity, and biggest of all..the GINORMOUS amounts of SHORT term bonds that China holds, as well as several other large partners...COMBINED with, the filtering down to us, the "Great Bailout Project".
Problem in the Tbill maket is that over the past, China invested in longer term bills, and so we were able to Rollt heir mature payout into the next years defecit. Not so with 3 and 6 month Bills..and if they demand payment, we're sunk. Theres no other language to describe it. (thats wher the Imminent Domain Hoax came into play) It seemed rational to haox that t we gave them paper on Cities, and municiplities, and government utility deeds to cover their continued purchase of Tbills.. Now, i also hold the ever so slightly possible scenario, that we did mortgage some infrastructure to convince them to keep buying, and it just hasnt matured yet.. One blogger commented on what the scenario might look like, if American sherrifs were tapped to escort the new Holders into the country to take over the utilities and county, state, and city assests, if that were the case.. Nothing short of the american people at war with the Chinese..And the recent announcement that Utility Engineers had found Chinese code embedded in every single state utility mainframes, embedded with PGP 448 layer encryption, and we have nto a clue whats in it, or what it does..My fear, is that that would be the Trump card to prevent large scale retaliation if the Deed Title scenario is true, or if they try to cash their bonds out and we refuse. Scary, semi out-there stuff, but all imminently possible.. (at least more so that Lizard Lord of the NWO nonsense)


Oh, yeah short answer to your Topic question.
(im REALLY bad with short answers)

and again, welcome to our corner of hell.
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