Water War Future

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PostFri May 25, 2012 3:46 pm » by Mep630

Q: How long can you live without water?


A: maybe 3 days


How Long Can You Survive Sans Water
So, just imagine, you are on a trip to Africa and you get lost in the wide, open Sahara desert. You are left with just a tuna sandwich and a bottle of water. You keep walking, hoping to find human habitat, munching on bits of your sandwich and drinking only tiny gulps of water. You feel you have walked hundreds of miles and your water is about to get exhausted. And suddenly, you are not left with even a drop of water. So, can you last a long time if you're water-deprived? In this case, you have only a couple of hours to survive, if you do not find water soon, and by that I mean really, really soon.

One can live without water for about 3 days. This is in situations where you do not lose water through sweat, you do not cry even a drop of tear and the area you live in, is not too hot nor cold. Also, depending on individual's capacity to remain thirsty affects the number of days he/she can survive.

Water is going to be very important in the future. And clean water is going to be hard to find. It is not like you can just go drink out a pond or anything, most water will need to be filtered and boiled, but even then it can still contain things that will kill you.

Consider what would happen if the water stopped coming out your tap?! How much water do you have on hand? Think it cant happen to you? Well look at fukushima or Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Its always better to have it and not need it then it is to need it and not have it.

In History castles were valued on how much water they could hold. WHY? well people would come and surround your castle and not let any supplies in. If you had enough food and water to out last them, they would have to give up and leave.


Big money will be in clean water, as you can see now the big corporations are buying up all the water sources.

So you might think about how you are going to ensure clean water to you and your family, should a problem arise.

I also believe that the future is going to involve massive wars over clean water sources.


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PostFri May 25, 2012 7:12 pm » by Flecktarn

water will soon be worth more than gold and wars will be fought to control it ,i often think about the mass building projects in the south pole ,,is this anything to do with water ? worth a thought

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PostFri May 25, 2012 7:21 pm » by Shaggietrip

Yes the water war has been going on for years. The sheeple may just be getting to know the fact. The PTB have been buying up land over some very large water reservoirs. Just look at what the Bush family has been buying as far as land[in other countries] and what the land that they purchase is over.

Look up ... Blue Gold - World Water Wars it is all there from time gone by. I would upload but over a gb in size.

Good post and make sure you know how to aquire and or clean water.

Stay hydrated :cheers:
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PostFri May 25, 2012 8:07 pm » by Mushroom

I agree, stay hydrated. You can pick up an atmospheric water generator and solar panel set-up for less than $2000. These extract moisture from the air and filter it to drinking water. There are also fog chains and other free contraptions that can help you harvest water from the atmosphere.
You can also make your own water filters using the same methods as nature (gravel, stones, etc.. You probably did the experiment at school)

I think people will simply become more self-sufficient rather than fight over resources (in some countries anyway)
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