We are descended from fish?

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temps13 wrote:Yeah,I also want to catch up on the moon threads..been slack lately.The reason Sumeria is not as widely known as Egypt is that mainstream straight people would have to be told how this civilization sprang fully formed fro nowhere,with the first bicameral congress,the first civil rights,the first..writing...EVERYTHING! Then people would have to assume that it came about how the Sumerians told us it came about,which is the Anunnaki gave them it..this is suppressed knowledge of our real history,thats why its so important..These people, from another planet,created us,gave us genetically modified grains,cereals etc..(sheep allegedly came from their planet too),showed us agriculture,writing,science..We were granted kingship in 4100 bc,as this illustration shows-kingship being lowered from heaven(space) Image

The art work in this picture is pretty good for 6,000 years ago. It would not be easy even now. Question, if Sumeria was indeed first, the water people, then that should mean the Egyptians were from their stock ( blood line ) if not then there is another start up? If they are related, they must have split off from each other for a reason ? That reason is a dot for the connection board. For some reason there seems like there might be up to 12 dots missing here.
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I thought there were 3 things that smelt like fish? & one of them is fish..
Yeah,they were an aquatically evolved species that added some of their genome & spliced it to neanderthals genome..Thats why we are hairless,with hooded noses,vestigal webbing on hands etc & why some men are hairy (throwbacks lol)
Above we have Ea pictured 2nd from right,'he whose abode is water',with water coming off him to denote this..on his left is Ninmah,his half sister,who assisted him in the gene splicing..their horned helmets denote their rank in the divine pantheon..(these persons lived much much longer then we do)..not absolutely sure which ones the other two are..
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