"We are the past."

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PostThu Oct 03, 2013 10:20 pm » by Webcat

Sad as it must seem - but we are the past.

Humans have been around for hundred of thousands of years.

Our "fourscore and ten" is the real measure of that time spend on earth.

Even as we live our lives, its the past.

We are dead when we are born.

That's the 'human condition'.

Our lives really do not change anything.

In a million years our lives will mean NOTHING.

The falseness of time will show that our existence means nothing - so live it like that it means nothing.

Live your life for your self - because that is all we have - our life.

Just remember, billions of humans lived before you and all they left was their lives.

And for 99.9% of those lives, they are forgotten or nothing - that's the REAL human legacy.


Thank you for listening.



PS: My account for 'Chat' is still disabled - I wonder why?

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 2:13 pm » by Kinninigan

Webcat wrote:
We are dead when we are born.

wow no comments, ill bump this.

thats because people wonder where i am also when i disappear too but then nobody comments in your threads when you come back!

makes me wonder if writing threads for 2 hours is worth 2 comments anymore

first time i been on in 2 days and was shocked to see this had no bumps webcat

and the other thing about chat, do you use skype?


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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 2:23 pm » by DarkHeart

We are dead when we are born.

And when you are dead you are born :ohno:

Its all just a big cycle, the really important shiz is not to keep coming back to this lunatic asylum :bang;

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 2:27 pm » by Slith

Webcat wrote:
Humans have been around for hundred of thousands of years.

Only a hundred of thousands? The world is over 4 billion years old. hmmmm :think:

And Kinni. Not to worry about responses on threads. I considered myself the thread killer when I used to respond, and posted many threads that were not responded to. Doesn't mean they weren't read. The views will tell you that

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PostFri Oct 11, 2013 4:34 pm » by Malogg

Image :flop:

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