We have to rethink about Freemason issue

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PostMon Aug 27, 2012 6:50 pm » by Seriouscitizen

Germanpils wrote:
Seriouscitizen wrote:Interesting post,. ive seen some vids too on the pyramids and the graham hancock books,.

But on level of symbolism; i'm starting to think also that some symbols are so universal/versatile that they can be used by different cults, or even be copied.

And some symbols are trying to tell us some basic knowledge on the blueprint of god design,. how the buildingblocks work(fractals), astrology, geometry(golden mean). They were on to something so in fact these symbols could be mere a timeless picture trying to tell us how everthing was build? An interpretation.

The cult around it is another thing though, i don't know about that.

true, but its one thing to print symbols on a wall, the other thing is to package the symbols, the meanings and the knowledge in numbers, there are so many weird "coincidences" that it would be ridiculous to call all that a coincidence where stone fits to stone(in that tolerance of +- 0), and then in the end it has to make sense too.
Axel says the pyramids were not built for dead people,(notice how there was never found a mumy in any of the pyramids) they are there for people to advance in a cosmic way, almost similar to Hindu's and such.

He was in the sarcophagus and started to make very still noises with his mouth and guess what, the king chamber started to vibrate, and after a few seconds people outside felt the stones vibrating.
(he had special access because he has a high ranked friend in egypt)

Don't get me wrong i don't think it is a coincidence even though it could be,. I dont know about the freemasons but i can tell that once you get adept on philosophical mathematics and the building blocks of nature you can understand the symbols and see them as a language that is telling us how we can do it ourselves. Therefore having high tech structures as the pyramids could be a symbol, wich i see as a reminder to us people; "like hello you can do this too. Don't forget !"

Without freemason symbolism, there wouldn't be us talking or thinking about it. So actually it is working. ITs is getting people to work and find truth around us and in themselves. But that's for me and a handfull of people i know.


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