Weekly Astrology Report 19/11

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“A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.”

Cloud Atlas (http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)

** Monday: Moon in Aquarius

** 19th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)

Not everyone sees what you see. Nor do you see everything others see. We all have our own filters for reality. This is ok. It's perfect really. How boring would life be if we all saw the same. How lame the conversation. There is a term in Psychology called "Inattention Blindness.". It's an idea which relates to missing 'things' or 'changes' in our visual field with no cognition (Link: (http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage1. ... 7fc59178bf) ). With the Aquarius mOon making a rough square to Mercury today--who is still Retrograde-- it may become apparent that you aren't seeing the whole picture. Don't assume you know. Listen to others. Take a second look. Be patient. And most importantly: levitate above todays situations and take a unique glance below at all you have created. This is your creation--your reality. See deep with this omniscient eye.


TO UNDERSTAND IS TO PERCEIVE PATTERNS (http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)

** Tuesday: moOn into Pisces mid afternoon

** 20th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)
art by Mukesh Singh

I believe our first practice was to Sit. Our bodies are perfectly made for this activity. There are many different ways in which you can sit: You can lounge, slouch, lean, sit on your knees, cross your legs, or have your legs outstretched. However you choose to sit will affect the ways in which energy flows throughout your body. This is why sitting with legs crossed, having your spine erect is the most effective method. Through this alignment, energy can better spiral up and down your spine, spinning through the eddies of your chakras, activating all the different ways in which you can experience the world. As the the moON makes her 1st quarter square to the Sun today, we are faced with a crisis relating directly to our seed intention that came through on the Eclipse last Tuesday. WIthout getting frustrated by the lessons presented, sit straight, and allow your Inner Universe to unravel before your eyes. In this internal space, Neptune will be waiting for you as the
Moon crosses it in the sky. Microcomsmic alien visions emerging…

** Wednesday: Moon in Pisces; Sun into Sagittarius; Venus into Scorpio

** 21st

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage1. ... 7fc59178bf)
art by Andriod

It is wise to live without expectations. If we have them, we will always be let down. Reality never manifests our fantasies exactly how we would expect. It may come close, but it's never perfectly on the mark. This is why cultivating your intuitive radar is a necessary practice. It allows you to better interpret the signs and symbols that surround you, assisting you along your Path. Jupiter relates to this idea. The Great "Maha" Guru Jupiter is always assisting us with our ever expanding consciousness. Everything is symbolic, all symbols are telling you something. Today, as the moon squares Jupiter, conjuring up a possible conflict of how reality is showing up for us in relation to our hopes and dreams of it. Venus also moves into Scorpio on this fine floaty day. Venus, the immaculate Goddess with glowing Scorpionic eyes, eases the shock of how short we are actually falling from our ideal Self. She is showing us where we are stuck, where we are toxic, and what we
need to do about it. LIsten to the lady, she knows what she sees.

** Thursday: Thanksgiving; moON into Aries in the eve

** 22nd

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Instead of gorging ourselves with food and drink on this historically edited American holiday, how about we focus instead on "Thanks" and "Giving." There is so much abundance shown on this feasting day, it would be a shame not to be humbled by the uniqueness of your privileged situation. There will be temptation though-- always is. The Sun/Neptune square could create a confusing dynamic of just wanting to give up our self discipline and indulgent control. Nip this in the bud. Focus back on your "Thanks" and "Giving." Rise above Personal Love (Eros) and see the greater Love (Agape). Rest in this. And as the moOn makes a energy supporting trine to the Sun, allow it to assist you in digesting deeper both the food and all of the experiences you have had over the past year.

** Friday: Moon in Aries

** 23rd

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)
art by Darin Bader

Energies run high when Mars and Urnaus come into contact with each other. Mars, who relates to the energy in our bodies--our muscles, our will, and our blood--is dosed with an electric pill of inspiration when dancing with Uranus. Uranus, who relates to our nervous system--the electricity in our body, our cognitive computers, our various perspectives--is exacerbated by Mars' impatient need for accomplishment. And so, it may be hard to sleep Thursday night, into Friday morning. There can be unpredictable changes in our moods and plans on this frazzled storm of a day. Also activating the infamous Pluto/Uranus aspect in the sky, it brings about the necessary events to help us evolve into our highest state of being. Empowered. Thankfully, the day ends with a breeze of delight as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Oh, the delights of the night!

** Saturday: Moon in Aries

** 24th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."


When was the last time you whistled while you worked? When was the last time you truly enjoyed working--or doing something you are not usually fond of? In a world of no coincidence, it is not a fluke that Mars visits Saturn in peace today (sextile). After the erratic early hours of yesterday, Saturn is now helping ground and better align the martian energies in us. Discipline is such a nice thing. Don't be afraid to entertain it. In the sobering influence of the stern teacher Saturn, may you find great joy in doing the dishes, scrubbing the toilet, and perhaps being in selfless service to others. Use your energy (Mars) for the greater good today. You won't regret it.

** Sunday: MoOn moves into Taurus early morning

** 25th

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf)
art by Kris Davidson

In the realm of relationships, we always think that someone else will be better suited when we are confronted with mountains of challenge. Sometimes this can be true. But if you have found a good one, don't be fooled. Relationships are a perfect mirror for your own process. If we can't move through it with our current love, we will only find the same issue in the next--and it will take just as much time to get there. It is possible we could be faced with some interpersonal sparring today. Don't take it too serious. Laugh when it does. Be gentle. This all relates to the Moon opposing Saturn and Venus today. In essence, it is about our core values. What needs to stay? What needs to leave? It is wise to know how to move successfully into your heart space during these moments and listen with this ear. Practicing racical honesty, transparency, and the letting go of expectations is a golden beginning. All the while, off in the distance, the moON waves a white flag as it
comes into harmony with the darker forces of support: Pluto and Mars-via a trine aspect. Again, if you have found a good one, don't leave. Believe.

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