Weekly Astrology Report 26/11

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"Plato's cave is full of freaks Demanding refunds for the things they've seen I wish they could believe In all the things that never made the screen " Jack Johnson "Inaudible Melodies"

Monday: Moon in Taurus; Mercury goes Direct!
(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf) It has finally arrived. The day which answers so many of your questions: When does Mercury go Direct? When is it over? What do it all mean? Today it finally happens!!! The 3 week Mercury meditation is over. Spanning the early degrees of Sagitarrius, all the way back to 18 Scorpio (moving over the Solar Eclipse point ), Mercury has revisited and reprogrammed you in the most cathartic of ways. I say this because the last degrees of Scorpio have this quality. It is where the true purge takes place. This area of the sky confronts us with our fears--forces us to see them in haunting ways. As our technologies short circuit and communication falters, we are hard pressed to look deeper into what is actually happening within. The ultimate confrontation. Hopefully you found what you were looking for. In support of this mercurial moving forward, Uranus also trines the Sun today, tossing epiphanies of lightning towards
our heart center, allowing us to be more objective and clear about what it is we are doing and why we are thinking this way.

Tuesday: mOOn moves into Gemini in the eve
(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf) Because of the discovery of new planets, it has been necessary (some would say otherwise) to give these newly discovered planets rulership over the traditional Signs of the Zodiac, towering over the traditional rulers. Pluto is one of them, having taken over the rulership of the Sign Scorpio (Mars' constellation). Even though Pluto was technically "plutoed" in the early 21st century with the discovery of Eris, he still holds incredible power in our Psyche. Pluto relates to the shadow, sexual power, magic, and the ability to transform any energy into something greater and more powerful. Today, these two rulers of the currently accentuated dark Archetype of Scorpio come together in the sky. It is said Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. And when the two come together, a deep palaver is born, relating to the birthing of a new intention of the Soul. Pluto relating to the Soul's intention, Mars being the great
Hero within, drink a mysterious brew while talking about their desires. Will they succeed in bringing more light into the misunderstood regions of our lives, or will they falter and be swallowed by the task at hand. Will the sexual potency be a destructive force or a creative one? What is the difference? It is key today to be aware of the energies emerging, so that you can shape shift into the Shaman within, conjuring forth mythic Gods and Helpers to assist in the process.

Wednesday: Gemini Lunar Eclipse
(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf) All Eclipses are eventful. Whether you can see it or not. They are nitrous boosters for the Soul. Two weeks ago, we experienced the Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio; Today, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. As the moON moves between Earth and Sun, we are given a rare opportunity to see the hidden aspects of our subconscious lunar patterning, gifting us the opportunity for changing it. It shows us the depth of our Soul. Illuminating where we are at and perhaps where we are going. This Eclipse is also squaring Neptune, lifting the veil of confusion, showing us the billions of ways in which the world can be seen. Doors upon door within doors of perception to walk through. It's like stepping out of Plato's cave and finally seeing the Light of Truth, realizing what was casting the shadows all along. Use this day to release your deepest, most ignorant belief you have of the world. It is no longer needed. It is a
Gemini thing.

Sabian symbols for this Eclipse:

Moon 6 plus Gemini: "A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees; man's primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life."

…no matter how deep in a rut of mental gibberish, there is always a deeper truth. Beneath the surface of your awareness, there lies gifts unseen. Believe. Make belief. And go searching for this hidden well of power.

Sun 6 plus Sag: Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart; a stirring up of individual ongoing for romantic love

…sweet spot, nectar of Love. Venus is currently traveling with Saturn, Mars with Pluto, and they are both pointing strangely at this Eclipse--further supporting this Truth. Romatic love is stranger than we have ever imagined. If you have called in your "perfect" Lover as of late, celebrate, but be aware: It's not meant to be breezy. Within the poison of Cupid's arrow, we can miss the point. Your Beloved is meant to bring both the best and the worst out of you. Know this, be committed to it, and don't back away. This is the WORK!

Thursday: Moon in Gemini

(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf) Today, Venus and Mars come into harmony (sextile). It can be sweet and sexy; healing and frightening. When the two planets who relate to our sexuality come into such a contact, there is amazing potential for raising the vibration and intent of what you are using your energies for--both in your own relationship to Love and with another. It makes me think of Sacred Marriage. An idea of the sacramental nature of "marriage" making it more than a physical bond, more than an emotional bond. It is, in its deepest meaning, a spiritual bond, built out of the depth of love between two souls. To consecrate a marriage is to bring it into concordance not with two wills but with three - that of the two souls involved and that of God. A sacred marriage is a covenant between two who love each other inGod and with God, whose joining becomes an expression of the desire of each to love and serve God together. It's not about
making Love, it's about experiencing Love; knowing it to be the foundation of all Life.

Friday: moOn moves into Cancer in the early morning
(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage1. ... 7fc59178bf) art by Mark Henson
Whenever the MoOn moves into Cancer (it's domicile, or home) we feel the need for emotional security. Maybe we just wanna stay in, eat comfort food, and watch a dramatic movie on Netflix; perhaps your security relates more to your family and friends, and the movement of time well spent with those you love. However it manifests, it will still relate to where you go when you are seeking warmth and comfort of the hearth. As the Moon moves into Cancer today, it also triggers the Pluto/Uranus square, bringing up lots of deep insecurity and fear (Pluto) around the need to alter this comfortable patterning. Uranus shows us the way out. Where is this happening in your chart? Wherever is it, is the marinating potential of massive evolution and Individuation. Find it, focus on it, and move away from your comfort zone. Evolution.

Saturday: Moon in Cancer
Dec 1st
] (http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage.c ... 7fc59178bf) art by mark Henson

The theme of Mars and Venus continues today as they form a Yod "Finger of God" to Jupiter in Gemini. The idea of a Yod is that two or more planets in sextile (60 degrees away from each other) point via an inconjunct (150 degrees away) to a 3rd planet. The two planets who are in harmony (Venus/Mars) are pulled out of their unified field, into the tip of the Yod (which is Jupiter in this case). Being that Jupiter is traveling through Gemini, it relates to a new and expansive way at looking at a particular problem, offering an entirely new solution to this riddle. Instead of having a love of power, may we discover the power of love. By using talking sticks, or passing feathers, may we find an ideal space for clear and concise communication, allowing a perceptual mutation to occur in our beings.

Sunday: Moon into Leo early evening
Dec 2nd
(http://holestoheavens.us2.list-manage2. ... 7fc59178bf) We are always seeking a larger vision. It is the point of all religion. To create a container--or a Path--which hopefully leads us into the space of the unseen, unpredictable, immaculate miracle of Creation. Following cookie crumbs of information, slowly creating knowledge, hopefully someday turning to wisdom. Jupiter is the Planetary Archetype of this path. And today, the largest planet in our Solar System opposes the Sun, creating a dynamic tension between expansion and contraction. May we be humbled today by the grandiosity of the Universe and fall to the ground with knees trembling, knowing that this awe is the reason we all keep living. And once we see it, once we grok it, lets hide our talons. No need to run screaming around the neighborhood, flaunting your new found Truth. Keep it to yourself, integrate it, and apply.

…::: If you would like to further your understanding of these transits in your own life, you can contact me at KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM (mailto:KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM) to set up a personalized session with me to better understand the delicate dance of all of these planetary forces :::…..



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