Welcome to Obamacare…here’s the reality...

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 12:09 pm » by godnodog

Domeika wrote:
Poooooot wrote:

Butch Matthews is a 61-year-old former small business owner from Little Rock, Arkansas who used to wake up every morning at 4 A.M. to deliver canned beverages to retailers before retiring in 2010. A lifelong Republican, he was heavily skeptical of the Affordable Care Act when it first passed. “I did not think that Obamacare was going to be a good plan, I did not think that it was going to help me at all.”

But after doing a little research, Matthews eventually realized how much the law could help him. And on Tuesday, his local Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) provider confirmed that he would be able to buy a far better plan than his current policy while saving at least $13,000 per year through Arkansas’ Obamacare marketplace.

Matthews was self-employed between 1997 and 2010, meaning he had to purchase his own plan on the individual market. He chose a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan for himself and his wife that charged a $250 per month premium and had a $2,000 deductible. But the price of that policy kept rising even as it covered fewer of his costs, eventually devolving into his current rate of $1,069 per month with a $10,000 deductible. At this point, it doesn’t even cover his medication or doctors’ visits — particularly concerning considering he had to have two stents placed in his heart in 2006.

“I do not work now, I’m 61, and we do have assets saved up. But still, to come up with that $1,069 per month….” he said, trailing off. “I went to Blue Cross Blue Shield, and they don’t even sell that plan anymore, but I could not change it to anything else. So I was locked in with it.”

That all changed once Obamacare’s state-level marketplaces opened to the public on Tuesday. Matthews knew that, at his income level, the law would help him pay for insurance. But even he might not have expected just how good of a deal he could get: his new coverage will cost him absolutely nothing in monthly premiums after factoring in federal subsidies, and has a deductible of $750. “Which is a lot different from $10,000,” he pointed out, laughing.

The mid-level “Silver” policy that he picked out also offers a significantly better benefits package. “It’s a lot better plan,” Matthews said. His old plan was considered to be “Bronze” and had much higher co-pays. Under Obamacare, when Matthews visits a doctor, it will no longer cost him around $150. It will cost $8.
So what would Matthews tell other Americans who are skeptical about Obamacare? “I would tell them to learn more about it before they start talking bad about it,” he noted. “Be more informed, get more information, take your time and study and not just go by just what you hear on one side or the other. Actually check the facts on it.”

“I still am a very strong Republican, but this… I’m so happy that this came along,” he continued. “Our home is paid for, vehicle’s paid for, this is our expense that we have. We have more expense on medical care than everything else put together, so this is going to be a great help for us.”

That is from "ThinkProgress", which has zero credibility until verified since you'd have to crawl under whale shite to find lower individuals.

However, if verified, then ok, but I'd lay odds this guy doesn't exist. There are common nom de guerres used in phony testimonials for all types of things and "Butch" is one of them because it makes it harder to track down a person when you don't know their actual given name.

After searching a bit, every single article seems to link back to or was copied from thinkprogress.org so for now until I see an actual human (breathing that is.....have to specify that when dealing with democrats) and I find that he is also actually a registered republican I have to go under the assumption that unverified, it is BS.

Well some1 has to compete with Fox News :lol:

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 1:27 pm » by mediasorcery

how stupid and gullible to believe this hellthcare is designed to benefit the individual???

are u f kidding me, its all part of dehumanising you, and empowering "them".

dont be so stupid.please. its the last nail in the coffin of free society. all downhill from here.
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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 2:31 pm » by Middleman

Was it all about "dehumanizing us and empowering them" when universal health care happened decades ago in all those other countries, or in Massachusetts or Hawaii?

The conspiracy game is not played at the level of regular party politics, which is something most of us seemed to agree upon until some of you guys had a fire lit under your ideologies this week.

Is it really all so simple that the D's are the baddies, and the R's are the goodies? Which side was the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation on when it thought up Obamacare in 1989? What about Bob Dole, or Romney when they championed it, or Obama himself when he stole it and killed single payer?

You guys are better than this. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's the 7th sign of the apocalypse.

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 2:44 pm » by Domeika

Poooooot wrote:
Domeika wrote:However, if verified, then ok, but I'd lay odds this guy doesn't exist.

Because his name is "Butch," which is a nickname (for everything from Bert to Roland, but in his case, Harland), I did a search on his wife Debbie.
http://www.zabasearch.com/people/debora ... 1257050809
Sherwood is a suburb of Little Rock. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherwood,_Arkansas

Property Records for Harland and Deborah Matthews.
http://www.arcountydata.com/parcel.asp? ... ode=PULTAX

I don't want to go all creepy-stalker on them by researching further, but if you want to feel free.

edit: It's pretty scary how easily I was able to find these people. :nails:

Well I did go all creepy stalker on them and did a background check, and they are real alright. However, the backers of Obamacare, instead rejoicing having found one person out of 300 million that likes it should check their premise...this guy and his wife who by the way will be a net DRAIN on the system.

I want to see the stories of all the twenty-somethings WITH JOBS in the private sector who just can't wait to happily send their already limited funds to the Obama regime. After all, that is who they need to embrace it if it is to be any kind of success. Ideology goes out the window when you look at deductions on a pay stub.

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 4:34 pm » by SolStone

Middleman...dude, you are beside yourself. The only person claiming this is about republicans and democrats is YOU. Where has anyone else pulled the Demo/Repub card in this thread? Like the last time we got in a tassle, you are pulling the politics card again when no one else has yet to do so.

You have not even read the document, so well and truly, you have no educated opinion on the matter.

Furthermore, do you research and find out which nation's taxpayers footed the bill for the majority of those 2nd world nations who moved to free health-care over a decade ago, you'll find 3 letter's: U-S-A.

Its not about democrats and republicans so stop instigating - you are arguing against yourself, no one else.

If we stopped going into illegal wars and took away the paychecks of our elected officials and stopped paying a voluntary federal tax to the federal government: guess what? Every American would be able to afford their own healthcare as well.

You are not even American (not having to live under this bill), and you haven't read the document. Having not read the document, how can you:
A) Tell anyone it is "good";
B)Much less tell anyone "it's good for everyone."

You haven't even read the document!! How would you know? Do you know who funds the majority of free health care (outside of the Netherlands)? Do you realize all the international policies, trade regulations, and backdoor handouts present within the Obamacare document?

No, because you haven't read it.

You think Obamacare = Socialist free healthcare for everyone, nothing more. Wrong.

It is a document loaded with legal loopholes and subsidiaries and every one of you who pushes this load of crap without even reading it, should go slap yourself. Senseless reactionary load of garbage, the majority of these posts.

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 5:00 pm » by Spock

Oh, Middleman is Dutch? Well, that explains his demeanor and position.

Democrat/Republican, that came out of left field, not sure if it was baiting or just stupidity. Hey middleman, both sides of the same coin believe we are in need of some sort of healthcare overhaul - but the one that was shoved down our throats, the one nobody had time to read, but you had to pass it to know what was in it, that one, is going to destroy the system and the middle class, not to mention the fresh college grads and part-time workers.

Sure - there will be a handful that somehow this system will work out for, like the story earlier, but they will be the minority - bank on that.

I'm all for the government flipping the bill for everyone's healthcare too - but to do it, that money has to come from somewhere, and I'd rather no more federally mandated taxes, fees and fines come out of my pocket or be imagined out of thin air to fund it.

The solution is simple, stop funding wars, pull ALL the troops home, stop giving aid to people that hate us, and put all that money into a national healthcare system, with the rest we can rebuild our manufacturing base, build a strong "defensive" military, put a fence up around this melting pot and then cut everyone a rebate check with what's left over.

If our elected royalty were forced to participate in Obamacare - the plan would have never made it through.
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 5:56 pm » by The57ironman

Spock wrote:
If our elected royalty were forced to participate in Obamacare - the plan would have never made it through.


if you don't like my opinions....please lower your standards Image


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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 6:12 pm » by Noentry

In every thing there are advantages and disadvantages.

Obambocare is far from perfect.
It has a few holes that will need filling.
I am a supporter of a NHS does not mean I agree with all aspects of this new law/tax.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Obamacare

Obamacare, or The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law in March of 2010 and was a major platform promise during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. There are those who see this Act as a fundamental right while others are rallying against the legislation and challenging the legality of it in court. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Obamacare


The primary advantage of Obamacare is the fact that all Americans would have access to basic healthcare regardless of their employment status, age, or pre-existing medical conditions or illnesses. The government would outline premiums that are paid out for various services and would cover those premiums for Americans without coverage. The act also requires businesses to assist in the health care coverage of their employees.
Another commonly noted advantage of Obamacare is the potential for lower overall healthcare costs and improved quality. With more patients seeking medical treatment now that they have coverage, medical practices would be more competitive in both the services they offer and the their cost structure in order to win more of the new Obamacare revenues available.

The biggest disadvantage to Obamacare is the amount of money that it will cost. The new costs will include the premiums paid by the various levels of government as well as the new public servants and management staff that it will require to administer Obamacare. With the United States government already in financial crisis including a recent downgrade in its credit rating, many critics of Obamacare believe that the government simply does not have the money available to fund a program that could cost trillions of dollars.
Many also speculate that the most crippling disadvantage of Obamacare is the number of private medical facilities and doctors that may exit the field or leave the country due to the lowered, legislated premiums. With the government setting the price structure on procedures, private practices speculate that they will see a dramatic drop in revenues as they have no control over what they can charge their patients for the procedures they perform.

Any form of health care will disadvantage the healthy this is a given.

Most importantly is no one will die because they can not afford treatment.

It is not an open and shut case but over all imo America as a whole will benefit from a NHS.
"The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority.
The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority.
The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking."
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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 8:25 pm » by Middleman

SolStone wrote:Middleman...dude, you are beside yourself. The only person claiming this is about republicans and democrats is YOU.

Really? So Obamacare is not backed by the vast majority of Democratic politicians, and opposed by the vast majority of their Republican counterparts?

Which one of us is being obtuse, again?

This fight is the definition of hyper-partisanship.

Also, I do have golden balls, but I am not Dutch. :D

SolStone wrote:Furthermore, do you research and find out which nation's taxpayers footed the bill for the majority of those 2nd world nations who moved to free health-care over a decade ago, you'll find 3 letter's: U-S-A.

Baloney. I'd say that you can't make this shit up, or that people wouldn't believe it, but here you are Sol, in all your splendour.

For the record, and once again, I am not the defender of all things Obamacare, neverlone the sausage making business of passing laws in the current American system. As Bill Maher often says, Obamacare is a giant hand job to the insurance industry, and I state baldly that if it's a disaster, I'll continue to be buzzing in your ear for years to come about the fact that rest of the world pays (a lot) less and gets better outcomes than the US health system.

I still bet my pound to your peanut it will end up working out better than the present inefficient system, or I wouldn't be in here every day volunteering to be knocked around by the resident libertarians or the barely literate infowars stooges.

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PostSat Oct 05, 2013 8:40 pm » by SolStone

Research which nations in the world are the most heavily taxed.

Research which nations in the world lead in prison costs annually.

Research which nation leads in industrial regulations against the trade and development of food products by its own citizens.

Research which nation leads the Council on Foreign Relations.

Research which nation leads the United Nations with funding for social aid programs worldwide.

Research which nation leads in military costs for development and sustainment of 3rd world governments worldwide.

Research which movie industries lead the world in charity and international work worldwide (at the expense of their own people; no I'm not praising them, I'm stating facts).


America is the world's workhorse, and like any good master knows, you must beat the workhorse and make the horse thankful to be working for you.

America leads the world in social aid programs and the persons who foot this bill is the American taxpayer.

We work longer hours and get less pay and are more heavily taxed than any other citizen of any other country in any 1st world civilization in the world.

Your welcome.


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