Welcome to the coldest village on earth

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PostTue Jan 22, 2013 6:19 pm » by Noentry

Welcome to the coldest village on earth where temperatures drop to -71.2C, glasses freeze to your face and the solitary school only shuts if it falls below -52C


Russian village of Oymyakon has lowest recorded temperature for any permanently inhabited location
Nothing grows so locals live off diet of reindeer meat and horse meat but never suffer malnourishment
Locals keep their cars running all day for fear of them not starting again if turned off
Digging graves for a funeral can take up to three days as ground has to be thawed with hot coals

f you thought it was cold where you are at the moment then a visit to the Russian village of Oymyakon might just change your mind.

With the average temperature for January standing at -50C, it is no wonder the village is the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world.

Known as the 'Pole of Cold', the coldest ever temperature recorded in Oymyakon was -71.2C. :shock:

This is the lowest recorded temperature for any permanently inhabited location on Earth and the lowest temperature recorded in the Northern Hemisphere

The village, which is home to around 500 people, was, in the 1920s and 1930s, a stopover for reindeer herders who would water their flocks from the thermal spring.

But the Soviet government, in its efforts to settle nomadic populations, believing them to be difficult to control and technologically and culturally backward, made the site a permanent settlement.

Ironically, Oymyakon actually means 'non-freezing water' due to a nearby hot spring.

Most homes in Oymyakon still burn coal and wood for heat and enjoy few modern conveniences.

Nothing grows there so people eat reindeer meat and horsemeat. A single shop provides the town's bare necessities and the locals work as reindeer-breeders, hunters and ice-fisherman.

Doctors say the reason the locals don't suffer from malnutrition is that their animals' milk contains a lot of micronutrients.

Unsurprisingly, locals are hardened to the weather and unlike in other countries - where a flurry of snow brings things grinding to a halt, Oymyakon's solitary school only shuts if temperatures fall below -52C.

WTF? :shock:


The village is located around 750 metres above sea level, which means that the length of a day varies from 3 hours in December to 21 hours in the summer.

And despite its terrible winters, in June, July and August temperatures over 30c are not uncommon.

There are few modern conveniences in the village - with many buildings still having outdoor toilets - and most people still burn coal and wood for heat. When coal deliveries are irregular the power station starts burning wood. If the power ceases, the town shuts down in about five hours, and the pipes freeze and crack.

Oymyakon lies a two day drive from the city of Yakutsk, the regional capital, which has the coldest winter temperatures for any city in the world.

It is served by two airports and is home to a university, schools, theatres and museums.

Daily problems that come with living in Oymyakon include pen ink freezing, glasses freezing to people's faces and batteries losing power. Locals are said to leave their cars running all day for fear of not being able to restart them.

Even if there was coverage for mobile phone reception the phones themselves would not work in such cold conditions.

Another problem caused by the frozen temperatures is burying dead bodies, which can take anything up to three days. The earth must first have thawed sufficiently in order to dig it, so a bonfire is lit for a couple of hours. Hot coals are then pushed to the side and a hole couple of inches deep is dug. The process is repeated for several days until the hole is deep enough to bury the coffin.

Travel companies offer tourists the opportunity to visit the village and sample life in the freezing conditions.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... s-52C.html
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PostTue Jan 22, 2013 6:32 pm » by The57ironman


Image...no f*ckin' way......Oymyakon = oh my achin'


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PostTue Jan 22, 2013 6:59 pm » by Toxic32

That is cold. Looks like might need a pair of these.


You could take a holiday on Mars. Just take your own oxygen and life would be breeze

The temperature on Mars may reach a high of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) at noon, at the equator in the summer, or a low of about -225 degrees Fahrenheit (-153 degrees Celsius) at the poles. Obviously this is very inhospitable for humans, but it is also of some concern for the electronics and mechanical parts of a Mars airplane and its instrumentation. In the mid-latitudes, the average temperature would be about -50 degrees Celsius with a night time minimum of -60 degrees Celsius and a summer midday maximum of about 0 degrees Celsius.
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PostTue Jan 22, 2013 7:04 pm » by domdabears

It's -2f right now by me. That's the actual temp. Not the wind chill.

That's -18.8889 in Celsius. :roll:
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PostTue Jan 22, 2013 7:50 pm » by 99socks

Noentry wrote:
The village is located around 750 metres above sea level, which means that the length of a day varies from 3 hours in December to 21 hours in the summer.

Who writes this stuff?
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