What are the most difficult UFO-related stories to believe?

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towelie wrote:Great thread Relament, i enjoyed reading the posts so far.
Reptilians, Dr Greer and Anal probes now thats a story worthy of PC.

Reptiles are pissed about this I'm sure. Watch this video, and everytime he says "white people" think reptiles.

http://www.break.com/usercontent/2009/7 ... 25433.html

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strange that in all of the artist conceptions drawn from "real encounters" none of the aliens have hair. the greys--bald. reptilians--bald. how come wookies never come to our planet?

stupid observation number two-- why is it that ufo's have lights. i mean come on even the USAF doesnt actually need lights on their planes any more, so why do advanced intergallactic crafts need lights, to see in the dark vaccuous void of space...talk about

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Aliens are here to save humanity...
I don't mind this as a hope, though I personally don't live in hope. It is when I listen to people cite UFOs shutting down weapons in nuclear facilities, and then theorizing that they must be signaling us that they will save humanity from a global nuclear war, or that they are here to help us to "the next stage of enlightenment", that I get very uncomfortable. There were certainly enough moments in recent history, to help people in many catastrophes, both natural and man-made(Tsunamis, earthquakes, Rawanda, Palestine, etc.). As far as enlightenment, there wasn't even an "age of enlightenment". When Descartes, Rousseau, Voltaire, Leibniz, Goethe, etc. were enlightened, it only happened for a few people and the rest of humanity takes credit for it. Just like when "man" walked on the moon. Only a few people did(maybe), not mankind. Mankind continues to repeat the same mistakes mankind always has in recorded history. Learning nothing and adapting to everything. Something that cockroaches and microbial organisms do. Shit, I used to think it was fascinating to study Nazi Germany, wondering how the Germans could have allowed it. Well it doesn't take an 8 year academic course to realize how, it only takes looking around now. No, I think disclosure just like enlightenment occurs for only a few people...Not mankind...


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