What Do You Really Know About Japan Earthquake?

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PostWed Jun 15, 2011 5:18 am » by Lowsix

scarecro wrote:
lowsix wrote:Does he realize there is footage of FORTY FOOT WAVES hitting that thing? Know how much power there is in a forty foot wave traveling 500km/hr? fuck.

Yea out of the tons of tsunami footage I viewed, I didn't see 40 foot waves traveling at 500mph.

That would be some serious shit right there.

The scale of this video is somewhat misleading.
That wave splash is wayyy bigger than it appears..
So i looked up the stats on it..

The Central exhaust Tower shown is 120m tall. 300+ feet.
The wave 'splash' (not body-height of the wave).. appears over 150' tall.
Final estimates for the wave itself at that point was around 45 feet,
since the wave itself came over the forty foot container wall...
http://www.mutantfrog.com/2011/03/12/vital-stats-of-the-fukushima-nuclear-plants/ (2nd diagram, at the bottom of the diagram.)

Upload to Disclose.tv

and analysis and diagrams:

Upload to Disclose.tv

I tried to find verification of the speed once it breached the Japanese shelf and couldnt, so Ill say my bad on that. It was significantly slower than 500km/hr at this point apparently..

The original quote for the speed apparently referred to the speed on the open sea.

However the height estimates were accurate.

Bottom line, HUGE power.
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