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If we continue the path we are now on, and continue with greed, continue on doing nothing, continuing being addicted to violence.

This will be our future.

1. America's downward spiral will continue until the nation is destroyed. Of course, there will be minor ups and downs along the way. But, unless Americans change, the nation will "break" their pride and power—certainly including the financial power that has made possible the "American dream," which so many around the world have admired.

2.The military power of the English-speaking nations will increasingly be weakened and will finally be destroyed. Together, the U.S. and Britain won World War I, World War II and several other notable conflicts. But, unless we change, the way is down and out from now on! Unless we change, we will never again win a significant war. Before you start smirking, just "watch" for a few more years and see it happen.
(the key of david - America has won its last war.

3. a combination of powerful "natural" disasters will continue, with increasing ferocity, to weaken and destroy the nation. Due to us raping our planet, and destroying it.

4. because of the above crises, the American and British-descended nations will soon face increasing famine and drought. With more and more people out of work, unable to afford the rising price of scarce food and water, there will be a shocking rise in the number of families going hungry. Expect not just "job riots" ahead, but also "food riots" and massive civil unrest as a result!

5. disease epidemics will increasingly occur! Sexually trans-mitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes will lead the way because of our nations' vile lifestyles and godless ways.

6. the sovereignty of the English-speaking nations will be terribly weakened and even overcome by immigrants whose values are opposed to the heritage of their host countries. Even now, we see the stirrings of the "Reconquista" movement in the American Southwest, through which certain Hispanic advocacy groups are pushing to see major parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas "reconquered" by Mexico. Because of this political pressure, and also the social pressure caused by drug running and other crimes in northern Mexico, the U.S. can expect that the terrible violence along its southern border will continue and intensify—with increasing thousands of people beaten, mutilated, raped and murdered!

7. China will not be the great power of the 21st century. Beset by increasing financial and social problems, Chinese influence will wane and a German-led "European Empire" will surge to the fore in world affairs. A breakup of the present European Union structure, and the demise or collapse of the euro currency, will be followed by the powerful joining together of ten nations in Europe—led by a very charismatic "strongman." That strongman will be the prophesied "Beast" described in Revelation 17 and 18. This will be the final revival of the historical Holy Roman Empire, which dominated Europe for centuries. It will become the most powerful human entity on the entire earth (see Revelation 13).www.freeworldacademy.com...

This is what will happen if we don't change. This is what happens if we continue to go down the path we are on now.

I'm sure life might be great now. But if we don't change now. We will regret it later on in life.

Think of the possibilities. Think of what could happen if we turn everything around. We change our lifestyles. We help protect, and save the planet. And we forget about profits, and work on people.

Wouldn't the world be a much better place to live? And much fairer?

We can't delay the changes any longer. It is wiser to change before the suffering, not during the suffering.


Is this enough juice to get us inspired? Is this a good reason to fight for change?

I really do hope so.

I can assure all of you this is a future we all don't want to be living in. This is the reason why we are on the streets today in protest. This is the reason why we are doing something right now before its too late.

This is our time. This is the time where we have a fork in the road. A fork that will lead to either total animation, or world peace.
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Damn I was hoping this....


Would be followed by this...

Censorship debunking & disinformation, it's all in a days work.

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There is good news my friend...We are finished with the age of war and poverty. We are entering a new age of peace and forgivness. The only thing is we will have to go through some birthing pains.

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99socks wrote:

Upload to Disclose.tv

Reset button? I'm ready for whatever. Bring it.

I love that movie, The Day After is one of my old time favorites.

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This guy has graduated and is now on his own. Respond with care.

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