What If the National Debt Were Your Debt?

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Ahh my friend, you could well be right in everything you state, I tend to agree with the sentiment that there is corruption in our government and it begins with the candidates etc. However, where your argument is flawed is that it deals with conjecture and conspiracy, not facts. No matter how adamant you are that the conspiracy is fact, it is still a conspiracy and the majority of people sadly do not act on conspiracy, they act on facts. If you (and your populace) are 100% certain that what you say is correct, why vote at all? Why not simply abstain from voting and take matters into your own hands, rather than feed the corruption? I put it to you that most (not all) people don’t look at conspiracy theories not do they look at the histories of their political representatives (other than what they see/hear/read in the media). They look for the ‘fairytale’, they want to be told that everything will be ok, which invariably it never is.

The people are presented with candidates, the people then cast their votes... you may in fact be correct in that the candidates presented have been ‘chosen, selected, groomed, etc etc’ I have no doubt, but this too can be changed. Why not get together as a people and elect your own candidates, basically start a new political party? I would suggest to you that if you did so, you would end up in exactly the same situation and for the very same reasons. You MUST convince the masses and appeal to their senses, and the best way to do this is to sell them an unrealistic dream rather than present them with the sad realities, or no one would vote for you... sad but true and this is what happens, your party in this context would never stand a chance because the people don’t want to hear the truth.
I don’t disagree with your sentiments by the way, just stating that the way we (as a collective) work is flawed and we do ourselves no favours by sitting idly by getting fed crap rather than demanding the harsh realities. If you believe you can make a difference and change matters you are on your way, if you sit by and simply accept what is told, you may as well do nothing because your cause is lost before it is begun. So the best the ‘lay person’ can do is vote for one of the presented candidates, all I am saying is that at the very least look at their policies a little closer and ask the difficult questions before casting your votes. If the political parties get a ‘wif’ that they can win majority votes what do you think they will do? They will accommodate the voter a little more...
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