What Is Radiation

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PostThu Mar 24, 2011 9:45 am » by Nilm33

Ignorance is truly bliss in this regard. Perhaps it is worse to know just what exactly radiation is now days. My friends and family pay no mind to the looming catastrophe that has yet to be resolved, and for that I love them, I wish I could be as free as they are...
...But then again, having knowledge is a tremendous privelage that I cant give up.

Laymans terms on radiation:

In physics, radiation is a process in which energetic particles or energy or waves travel through a medium or space. There are two distinct types of radiation; ionizing and non-ionizing. The word radiation is commonly used in reference to ionizing radiation only (i.e., having sufficient energy to ionize an atom), but it may also refer to non-ionizing radiation (e.g., radio waves or visible light). The energy radiates (i.e., travels outward in straight lines in all directions) from its source. This geometry naturally leads to a system of measurements and physical units that are equally applicable to all types of radiation. Both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation can be harmful to organisms and can result in changes to the natural environment.

Radiation with sufficiently high energy can ionize atoms. Most often, this occurs when an electron is stripped (or 'knocked out') from an electron shell, which leaves the atom with a net positive charge. Because cells and more importantly the DNA can be damaged, this ionization can result in an increased chance of cancer. An individual cell is made of trillions of atoms. The probability of ionizing radiation causing cancer is dependent upon the dose rate of the radiation and the sensitivity of the organism being irradiated.

Alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, X-ray radiation, and neutrons may all be accelerated to an energy high enough to ionize atoms.

Neutrons are categorized according to their speed. High-energy (high-speed) neutrons have the ability to ionize atoms and are able to deeply penetrate materials. Neutrons are the only type of ionizing radiation that can make other objects, or material, radioactive. This process, called neutron activation, is the primary method used to produce radioactive sources for use in medical, academic, and industrial applications.

High-energy neutrons can travel great distances in air and typically require hydrogen rich shielding, such as concrete or water, to block them. A common source of neutron radiation occurs inside a nuclear reactor, where many feet of water is used as effective shielding.


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The last few sentences in this video gave me goosepimples...

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More Sources

Just wanted to give a little basic insight into something we ALL should know about. Im no expert, please fell free to add to the thread! Peace!

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PostThu Mar 24, 2011 9:58 am » by Frankenstein

As an adjunct, some additional information.

For the most part, beta particles (electrons) can be ignored unless at very high energies. CRT televisions are a classic example of common beta radiation. Drops off rapidly in intensity with distance, but is what strikes the phosphorescent screen to make the 'pictures' appear after being fired from an electron gun at the rear of the set. Sitting close to a television for extended periods has not been linked to any serious effects such as incurred with other ionizing radiation sources.

Alpha particles are not a single particle but 2 protons and 2 neutrons with no electrons. Essentially, a helium atom without electrons. Very ionizing and dangerous.

Gamma and X-ray are not particles (like light, they are but they are not as well), but more energetic versions of light. Not good things to be around.

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PostThu Mar 24, 2011 10:02 am » by Nilm33

Ive also been trying to find out information on neutron beams but to not much luck. I know that they are bad news when seen from a destroyed reactor though. MSM has buried this crisis as if it just all of a sudden got better. ITS NOT BETTER!!!

(And as I rant in my head)
If you ran the earthquake through millions of scenarios, the law of averages would probably not include THREE safety systems AND a seawater pump at EACH of SIX reactors being compromised. But if you add in tampering by wickedness of men, the odds of it occuring are significantly increased, and in reality, are much more likely to occur.

Meh, im miffed about all this shit. Wish we could get answers. Wish we could be respected enough to handle the truth.

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PostThu Mar 24, 2011 10:07 am » by Frankenstein

My own take on this CONTINUING and nasty event is that earthquakes were prepared for and not a serious threat, but the tsunami was of a size that no one ever prepared for.

After that, the problem was that 4 ruined backup systems were unable to cope and they lost control. Then MONEY made the decision to try to salvage instead of going the concrete sarcophagus route. From then on, it is tail chasing down a long and dangerous road. The real wickedness in my opinion is in choosing MONEY as the decider over human lives.

Watching the news, although the reactors are mostly under control now, the radiation situation in Japan is getting worse by the day. The water in Tokyo is now 2 times the safe level of radioactive Iodine for babies. Japan is not in a happy place.

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PostThu Mar 24, 2011 8:46 pm » by SUKHOV

great post man, lot's of insightful info!
yeah I didn't really expect all of the backups to fail. I mean those things had a failsafe, and even that failed.
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