What is the true fate for the human race?

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i think humanity is in a kind of evolutionary feedback loop, a la 'groundhog day', but on a longer timescale. i imagine the processes which brought us to this time (whatever they may be) are likely to repeat ad nauseum, until and unless some planetary size destruction occurs
to end the actual globe, physically. or something.. :think: :alien:

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The Mayans after 527 years of silence have come out to tell the modern world what is needed. They have always known the truth for it is the Mayans and the Hopi who used the the 13 crystal skulls to retain the knowledge of the each of the 1000 year periods. Thinking that the Mayans diappeared is DOGMA
they fled with their knowledge before they were all killed. The Blue Sphere prophecy of the Hopi has been fulfilled. Humanity has made it, when the world birthed a new Conciousness Grid and the world watched as the mayans remembered there origin and history. It has already happened.

The Mayans have never lived in the modern world and modern man sees this as less evolved however they are the ones who are the most informed. So the ancient world is ready and waiting to re-intergrate itself with modern man who knows less. It is the Dark that tried to win before the Light came back to earth. It was its plan it was set in motion. We have entered into the End of Times according to the Mayans. You will not find any relevant material because it has never been written any that is written regarding the Mayans and 2012 has never been approved once by any Mayan tribe or leader. The only way to hear this knowledge is by watching the free videos dedicated to the world gifted by the Mayans presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek (chosen by the Mayan preist) a man who has done many many years teaching with the tribes of the ancient world. Keeping you from this true knowledge was the plan allowing you to believe in so little and so that you would forget so much.

No matter what the veil still shows you it is a lie, the media and the dark and all who wish to remain separate can do so it will just be a harder awakening.

The conciousness grid is ready to move into many scriptures are about to be invalid. Many things are about to be revealed.
Humanity is to return to the state of full ability where we once were 13000 years ago. Before interferance of the intelligent race(no so intelligent) and their technology that they could not control we were on the natural path to evolution. Because we as the less superior race did not choose this fate a plan to return to our level that we as humans had made it to naturally was formed. There the science of Geomancy 83000 building hade to be errected over the world in the exact right place to sit on a leyline to cause the energy that flows under the earth to be manipulated and change current flow direction etc. When this happens under the ground it happens around the earth /above.

So " As above so as below " the earth energy above and below is altered and so are we. These buildings are to make us see that there is something divine. So in the last 2000ish years we we still on our way but the elite found out and have been trying to alter the knowledge and create division so that we may never find time to work it out. The have failed and the only thing they can do is control the ones who continue to believe in the illusion that we are individuals. It is done by use of " Free Will "
You give it away to the dark daily by saying you have faith.
Its a spell to give up your free will to the dark.

Take your mind back freedom was an idea you have it when you stop telling yourself you lost it.
Preplanned life. You may have been black asian white it does not matter to think that this was your only life is just Dogmatic. To think you can die is induced fear by the Dark. YOU ALL have chosen to be here on Earth at this time. You now have to work out why. Who you truely are

If the bible verisons were 100% accurate and identical to the original they would show the whole world. They will not because if they did it will show you that all roads lead to the source if your intensions are pure. You will learn a lesson untill you remember. Notice how the harsh lessons are always rewarding once you view the outcome through your heart.

In one of the videos Drunvalo refers to a New Zealand woman named Ruth I have met Ruth personally so to meet Ruth first and then watch the video and tell a person " I know her " was a very strange feeling. So much things have become clear.

This is my free will choice to say what I feel thank you DJ

The video Tittles are called

" The Maya of Eternal Time " (Hopi Prohecy) Watch first
" The Birth of a New Humanity " (Ruth video) Watch Second



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