What the hell did i just see?!

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PostMon Oct 03, 2011 6:02 pm » by Germanpils

now this sounds unbelievable and i know for sure how crazy it sounds

but what i just saw can be easily explained, or even not.

so i was just in my kitchen looking out my window, sun is already going down this is an orange sky already, so i just saw a plane, im sure, this time with a normal contrail, so i saw it flying(towards sun going down), leaving a trail that disappeared as supposed to, but then this was blowing my mind,
it was flying, and suddenly it lighted up, a short moment (in time of 2 secs) it got so bright around and ffs im telling you it disappeared, along with the trail it left !!!

can only hope it was an asteroid but then would it be visible already? its still pretty bright outside
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