What the Hell is that humming sound?

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 9:03 pm » by Savwafair2012

Worldwide, more and more people begin to notice … a horrifying sound that moves through the atmosphere.

Kiev, Belarus, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, North Bergen, Victoria B.C., Alkmaar, Maryland, Scandinavia…In recent times, in many cities around the world are being heard the sounds coming from heaven, and that can last more than one hour in some cases.

It is not a new phenomenon and has been observed in previous years.

Is there a logical explanation for this phenomenon?

In 2009, Niburu.nl did a research and concluded that it may be an object of enormous proportions. Given the outline that covers the sound and the time / distance it travels, we come to a minimum size of several kilometers. The sound is not produced by a form of propulsion, but it is only the air it produces and is moving forward at a speed of around 150 km/h.

Below a selection of video’s with the mysterious ‘HUM’.

Illinois – August 19, 2011

Upload to Disclose.tv

Michigan – August 19, 2011

Upload to Disclose.tv

Windsor Ontario, Canada – August 16, 2011

Upload to Disclose.tv

Homel Belarus – August 14, 2011

Upload to Disclose.tv

Kiev – August 11, 2011

Upload to Disclose.tv

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 9:10 pm » by Shaggietrip

The sound in the Illinios vid is the road. Watch and listen. You will see what I mean. I have heard this before driving. As for the others I did not watch as of yet.

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 9:57 pm » by Chris6912

the first one is definatly the road surface years ago in the uk the m1 was made of concreate slabs near london and you got the same noise from it but today there are few roads in the uk that are made of concreate all tarmac can be a bad noise problem with H G V s dont know about the rest though could be reveb from something else definatly strange one :cheers: :pray:

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 10:27 pm » by Dismalcorpse

so I was going to say the same thing as everyone else about the first vid. The rest I have no clue. Pretty creepy if you ask me. The one with the drilling sound could be construction of some sort, but again, I have no clue. Good vids, thanx for sharing.

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 10:43 pm » by Pauper

I definitely agree with you guys on the first video.

I think that the second video is a hoax. It seems like this guy is focused on stationary lights and is just rotating his camera. The noise reminds me of a noisy fan.

The noise in the third video reminds me of white noise. Could it be that some unknown source is playing some sort of soundwave? Binural beats have strange effects on certain people. Some people get high with when they listen to I-doser binural beats, though it never worked on me. It might be some sort of test. Maybe Operation Bluebeam will have these soundwaves to fuck with people's heads.
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